“Earlier this morning, I had a flat tire and pulled off onto the shoulder of the access lanes. I was surprised and delighted to see that an MDOT employee pulled behind my vehicle only 10 minutes later. The person who helped me was Richard, and he was amazing and very kind. He quickly took my old tire off and put my spare tire on, handling everything for me. Not to be too dramatic, but he was like my angel this morning. I was scared to be sitting there as cars were rushing by. Richard made things less stressful. He also did not accept the tip that I tried to give him for his work. Thank you SO very much, to Richard, for making my morning and thank you, to MDOT SHA for helping me out in a stressful and scary situation!”

- Erica, MD
Assisted by Richard, Maryland DOT SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 11

“My tire blew out and I had to pull over in a bad area on 78 West. Not long after, Terry pulled up behind me. I exited my car and went to talk to him about what was going on. He was so professional and helpful. He even helped me change my tire, something I did not have the tools to do so. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, NJDOT and State Farm. This was the first time in my life I needed roadside assistance, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Keep up the good work!”

- Raymond, NJ
Assisted by Terry, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 9

“My car completely stopped and would not start in a very unsafe place coming off the highway. I was fearful of being hit by drivers exiting who were not paying attention. The patrol driver, Jon, pulled up behind with lights flashing and immediately put me at ease. Jon tried several ways to get the car started to at least move it to the side of the road. He moved it and then continued to try and diagnose, without success. He waited with me until a tow truck came. He was the most helpful and polite hero I could have hoped for! Kudos to him! We are visiting from PA and this program was a wonderful help. I can't thank Jon enough for his polite, kind way of interacting in a situation where I was alone, scared and trying to remain calm. Jon deserves a special recognition. You have hired and trained a wonderful employee. Thank you!”

- Maureen, GA
Assisted by Jon, Georgia DOT HERO patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 1

“I was driving on I-25 Northbound to the nearest tire store on a donut, which apparently was not in good condition and deflated quickly. I pulled over and was wondering what to do. Out of nowhere, a CDOT truck showed up and the most courteous, awesome individual, John, came up and asked what was going on. He drove me to the tire store to get the flat tire fixed, waited patiently while they worked on it and then drove me back to my car and even helped me swap the tire. This was truly an amazing experience! Thank you, John.”

- Aish, CO
Assisted by John, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 28

"I suffered a passenger rear-side tire blowout and they helped me change my tire. I called the ODOT dispatching office, and the woman on the phone was very friendly and helpful and called me back within minutes to let me know a State Farm Patrol vehicle would be arriving shortly. Ray arrived and showed genuine concern, professionalism and friendly and expedient service. The replacement tire was on before I knew it and he was packing up. I am so thankful that State Farm sponsors this necessary and valuable service to help people in their time of need, and that people like Ray are employed to help. Thank you so much.”

- Justin, OH
Assisted by Ray, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 20

"I was having a horrible day. I left my wallet at home and ended up running out of gas on the Thruway with my daughter in the vehicle. Literally not more than two minutes after pulling off on the side of the busy Thruway around 3:15 p.m., the H.E.L.P. patrol pulled up behind me. Elvis was the patrolman that helped me and he saved the day like an angel from heaven. I told him I had no wallet and he explained that this is what the agency does. He filled me up with enough gas to get me where I had to go. Also, he directed me to stay in the vehicle to be safe, as it was very busy and dangerous. As a nurse, I should know this, but in that situation I couldn't think. I was upset and crying. He really helped me. He was so quick and prompt with a smile on his face and it was all free. Yes, free when I didn't have my wallet with me! I am so grateful and thankful for this agency and the fact that State Farm is who is helping behind it. Honestly, it makes me want to switch my car insurance over to State Farm car insurance now because they were awesome. Elvis represented that company so well. I wanted to leave a very, very good comment with you guys to tell you guys that he is awesome. He knew exactly what to do and just safely did his job. I am very, very grateful. I wish I could do more than a comment. Elvis deserves to know how much of a difference he made today. I can't thank Elvis and you guys enough. I think this program is awesome!"

- Jessica, NY
Assisted by Elvis, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm on February 18

“While driving on the switch from I-70 West to I-65 South, my front driver-side tire blew. I was able to pull over to the shoulder, but the small shoulder was not a safe area of the interstate and it was only about 5 degrees outside. A trooper pulled over to assist and immediately called for a Hoosier Helper. Aaron arrived about 20 minutes later. He moved boxes from my trunk to access the spare tire and worked quickly to get it changed while my son and I waited safely and warmly in the car. He put the blown tire back in the trunk for me and sent us on our way with a smiley ‘Drive safe, hope you have a better day.’ This is the second time I’ve gotten help from Hoosier Helper Assist Patrol. I have endless gratitude to INDOT and State Farm for providing such a wonderful community service.”

- Tammy, IN
Assisted by Aaron, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on February 14

“While I was on the way to the gas station, my car decided to run out and stop in the middle of the highway. I was able to at least get to the side of the road to freak out about how to get gas. I was lucky that Kelly with State Farm #AssistPatrol was right behind me when it happened. He helped me with gas to make it to the gas station. He was super nice and let me know they were there to help. I was really lucky with this situation.”

- NaLee, NC
Assisted by Kelly, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 12

“I got a flat at 5:30 a.m. on 78 headed to NYC. I barely made it to the shoulder. I called roadside assistance that my vehicle provided and fumbled with their app and text messaging system. While I was waiting for them to acknowledge my request, Andy pulled up behind me and had me back on the road, free of charge, in what seemed like under 10 minutes! Who knew the Indy pit crew was patrolling 78 at 5 a.m.! Thanks, Andy and the Assist Patrol team. Incredible service!”

- Brian, NJ
Assisted by Andy, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on February 4

“I broke down on the Evans on-ramp, on a snowy morning when taking my little sister to school. I was blocking half of the on-ramp. A lady called for help for us. About 5 minutes later, I see a truck pull up and the guy introduced himself as Tony. Very nice and seemed genuinely concerned. First thing he did was say that we should get in his truck with the heater, since mine didn't work. Then, when he saw how bad the fluid was, he knew it was probably a head gasket and called the tow truck. We had to wait awhile in his truck with him. He was very nice and friendly without being over the top. My little sister was struggling with some English homework and kept asking me questions but I didn't know any of the answers. Tony asked if he could help. Then, he did all of her homework with her! What an awesome, awesome guy. He was patient and helped walk her through the problems. He made sure she understood how they got to the answers. He was kind to her. This is above and beyond the call of duty by 100 miles. Who does this kind of thing?! I don't think I've ever been this surprised and grateful to someone. When we finally got towed to King Soopers, he gave her a high five and told her how smart she was. On her homework paper later, she put ‘By Emilia and Tony the truck guy’. I'm just really thankful. Kindness still exists.”

- Gabe, CO
Assisted by Tony, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 4

“On the night of February 3rd, my husband and I were pulled up along Interstate 91. We had just blown a tire, going at 60 mph when we were unable to avoid a piece of debris on the road -- probably a metal piece that had fallen off one of the cars ahead of us. We managed to pull off to the shoulder and called our roadside service. Much to our relief, Junior pulled up and got to work. He identified himself and immediately took matters in hand. He checked our spare, which needed air. By the time our roadside service arrived, the job was already half done, and the two of them finished the tire change in no time. Junior's truck was so well-equipped. Had it only been the roadside service, we wouldn't have been able to put air in our spare. My husband and I are elderly and no longer able to change tires ourselves. We are so grateful for Junior and this excellent service provided by the Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol. Thank you!”

- Linda, CT
Assisted by Junior, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 3