“The patrol driver, Jose, was unbelievable. He first found us on the Florida Turnpike going north between the exits 34 & 35, around 3:45pm. I had a flat tire and there was no spare tire in the Alamo vehicle I had rented. He spoke to the Alamo Roadside Assistance man that I was speaking to and gave him my exact location. At around 7pm, he found us still sitting at the side of the motorway, with no food, water or toilet facilities. He told me he could not believe I was still waiting even after I called Alamo Roadside Assistance again. So, he called them and explained he could not leave me on the hard shoulder as it was very dangerous. He got Alamo to agree I could leave the car with the keys in the glove compartment and he took my wife and I to the next exit and dropped us at a petrol station where we got a cab back to our hotel. Jose was absolutely brilliant and my wife and I cannot thank him enough. He is an absolute credit to State Farm and I could not fail to offer my heartfelt thanks for all he did for us. The service State Farm offers is fantastic. With my sincere thanks from a couple from the U.K. Yours sincerely, Garrett & Susan.”

- Garrett, U.K.
Assisted by Jose, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on Nov 21

“I was driving along Interstate 85/40 going west. At mile marker 133, my low air pressure alert came on, then I heard a thumping sound. I pulled over on the service side of the road. I called my insurance company to see if I had roadside assistance. I was told I only had towing service and I would have to pay out of pocket then be reimbursed. I was so upset and feeling discouraged. I contacted my employer and explained what happened. One of my coworkers mentioned State Farm assistance. While I was scrolling on my phone for the website, I just happened to look up and in my mirror and saw my angel, a State Farm Assist Patrol truck. I got out of my vehicle and asked how much will it cost me if he put on my spare tire. He smiled and said, 'Nothing. That is what we do out here. We help folks with car issues.' I felt like a weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Anthony said, 'All I need for you to do is get back in your vehicle and allow me to assist on getting you on your way.' He was able to switch out my flat for the spare and had me back on the road in no time. I was really impressed with the service. When it is time for me to switch auto insurance, I will be enrolling into State Farm. Thank you, Anthony, for being my angel today.”

- Tanya, NC
Assisted by Anthony, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Nov 19

“I was recently traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when I hit a retread tire in the Tuscarora Tunnel. I travel alone since I am recently widowed. When I called the *11 number, the agent there was extremely kind, helpful, friendly, and patient! I'm sure they deal with upset people all the time but this was MY first time! I appreciated him being patient with me while the state trooper was also trying to speak with me. The state trooper arrived as I was talking with the State Farm assist agent. Then the gentleman from State Farm arrived. He stayed on site until the tow truck arrived to make my car driveable again. The operator from State Farm was Greg. It was such a comfort to me that he stayed there protecting me until I was able to proceed. This was the first time I needed assistance along the Turnpike, and I was quite worried about being there alone. That didn't happen! I know it was the job of these men to stay there, but it was such a huge comfort having them there and knowing I was protected. Thank you for providing this service and for protecting the travelers along this busy roadway. I hope I don't need assistance again, but I know it will be there quickly and I will be well taken care of! I wish I had more words of praise for these people but I'd only be repeating myself. I just cannot express my gratitude enough! Thank you, all, a million times over.”

- Margie, PA
Assisted by Greg, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission State Farm Safety Patrol on Nov. 10

“Melvin changed my blown-out tire on November 1, 2019. I had never heard about the Road Rangers but I have shared their information with many friends since Saturday. I think they should be called ‘Road Angels’ because that is what Melvin was that day. Very grateful.”

- Diana, FL
Assisted by Melvin, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on Nov. 1

“I had a blowout on the Twin Span Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, near Slidel,l right before the evening rush hour. Cars and 18 wheelers were flying past me, shaking my car and I was panicked. MAP Operator Dustin appeared in less than 15 minutes to save me. He was awesome. He kept me calm, changed my tire and put air in my spare tire all while I sat in my car. Thanks to him, I was on my way in minutes. Great service!”

- Gina, LA
Assisted by Dustin, Louisiana DOTD Motorist Assistance Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 31

“Like an idiot, I ignored my "Fuel Low" light and ended up stranded on the side of the highway. I attempted to coast to the nearest exit but didn't make it. I knew my only option was to walk to that exit, walk to the gas station in that town, hope they had a gas can for sale, fill it up, and make the long walk back to my car. I started walking, but before I had even taken 20 steps an Assist Patrol vehicle pulled up. Roger rolled down the window, gave me a big smile and said, ‘How can I help?’ It was as if this scruffy bearded angel just appeared out of nowhere! He quickly pulled up behind my car, got some gas in my car, and sent me on my way. Roger was friendly, kind, and beyond helpful! Mine is probably not the most exciting or memorable assist of his, but for me, the experience was truly impressive. Thank you, Roger!”

- Greg, NC
Assisted by Roger, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 25

“My worst nightmare came true when I had a tire blowout on the Florida Turnpike. I had to pull over on the side of the highway while vehicles sped by me. I was having trouble contacting my insurance company for roadside assistance when a wrecker showed up in my rearview mirror. The sign on it said ‘State Farm Assist Patrol’ and I had no idea there was such a thing. James immediately asked if I needed help, then proceeded to change the tire while other cars flew by, shaking our car. To my surprise, there was no charge! Thank you, James!”

- Annmarie, FL
Assisted by James, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 21

“Sam was outstanding! I had a flat tire on 42 South right before Exit 13. I was on the phone with my road side assistance provider who stated it could take up to an hour or more. When this gentleman pulled up, I was so happy and cancelled my order. Sam was a gentle giant, professional, respectful and just very kind. My tire was changed quickly. I asked if he took money and his answer was ‘absolutely not.’ He stated, ‘Me helping is my biggest reward!’ He even waited to make sure I got back on the highway. Job well done. I'm sure riding and sitting in a truck all day can be quite tedious but you would never know it. Thanks, State Farm for having Sam on your team! I'm going to be looking at rates.”

- Anaya, NJ
Assisted by Sam, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 16

“Paul was such an incredible help. I had a tire blowout on a major highway and was being told it would take more than an hour for help to arrive and likely at a high cost. I felt unsafe as I was on the shoulder around a curve on a fast highway. I said a prayer and Paul showed up almost instantly in the H.E.L.P. vehicle. He was incredibly nice, patient, and courteous. He put the spare tire on very quickly and helped me get on my way home after a long and difficult day. He was truly a blessing. He is a major asset to your H.E.L.P. team and deserves the highest praise. He went above and beyond. God bless you guys and the work you do to help people and thanks again, Paul!”

- Jared, NY
Assisted by Paul, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 15

“I broke down with a blown tire in rush hour traffic on 465 in Indianapolis. I had a spare and jack, however I did not have a proper tire wrench to get it off. Several troopers stopped and tried their 4-ways with no luck. Cars were whizzing by. It was pretty scary actually. A bit later, the State Farm INDOT Hoosier Helper showed up. Luis jumped into action. His bag of tricks had the right sockets and impact wrench to break my rounded lug nuts free. Luis made quick work of it & had my spare on in no time, added some air and I was good to go. I cannot thank Luis, INDOT, and State Farm enough for this wonderful service. It’s a blessing to have these trucks rolling in the Metro area!”

- Terri, IN
Assisted by Luis, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 15

“I foolishly ran out of gas during rush hour on Eastbound C-470 at Highway 285. I was assisted by Jeff. Jeff could not have been more gracious and helpful. He stood on the shoulder of the busy highway and put gas in my car while my daughter and I remained safe in our vehicle. He then helped us safely re-enter traffic and followed us to the gas station at the next exit. When we arrived, he got out to clean off the side of my vehicle where some of the gas had spilled. I offered him a tip for his kind service, but he refused. I told him, ‘I hate to say that I hope I never see you again, only because that would mean I'm in trouble on the side of the highway again.’ But it would truly be a delight to see him again and to thank him for the way that he treated me and my daughter. He showed us respect and kindness that is very rare and special and I could not be more grateful.”

- Lauren, CO
Assisted by Jeff, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 15

“We were heading towards 75 South from Colerain Ave. When we were on the ramp attempting to merge, the vehicle we were driving shut completely off. Unable to proceed to the shoulder, there we were, stuck in a busy highway ramp lane. There were a lot of passers-by that did not stop to lend a helping hand. We were stuck for about 30 minutes when we looked in the rearview and saw the State Farm truck pulling behind us. Operator Lyle approached the vehicle and asked if we needed help. We told him what happened and he asked if we needed gas. We said we didn't think so but, let’s try it. Lyle then told us he had gas and that it was free. We were elated and even more so after the car started once he put the gas in. Lyle was a blessing in disguise. He saved two damsels in distress. We tried to give him money for lunch which he refused and just told us to leave a review. We thanked Lyle and told him the least we could do was sing him the State Farm song. As we sang, he smiled ‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.’ Thanks again, Lyle and State Farm.”

- Renita & Raina, OH
Assisted by Lyle, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 14

“The vehicle in front of me swerved on Interstate 70 East at Interstate 270 to avoid a large truck wheel and tire that was in the middle of the lane. In order to avoid striking other vehicles, I had no choice but to strike the wheel which caused my left front tire to burst. I safely drove to the right shoulder and was in the process of calling for assistance when your driver, Brian, arrived. This was a dangerous, high-speed location and I was afraid of being struck by passing vehicles. Brian immediately assisted by rapidly changing my tire and helping me get to my destination. As a disabled veteran, a retired police officer, and the father of two officers, I am extremely grateful for your program.”

- Terry, MD
Assisted by Brian, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 12

“I was stuck on the side of the highway with my 5-year-old daughter, running late for school and work and already had a rough day. I had caught a flat. I'm thinking my morning is down the drain! My hero, Chris, shows up within 30 minutes, made sure me and my little one were okay and even made me laugh. I definitely needed the laugh, especially with the way my morning was going! He then checked my other tires and even put air in another one to make sure I wouldn't have any other problems. My hero, Chris, was awesome and I truly appreciate him!”

- Tiffany, GA
Assisted by Chris, Georgia DOT HERO Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 11

“My tire blew out on the freeway. This was the first time that's ever happened to me. Once I got to the shoulder, I called my husband to let him know what was going on and pulled out my insurance information to call roadside assistance. I turned around and saw an NDOT vehicle pull up behind me. He was very helpful and changed out the damaged tire with my spare. It was refreshing and calming to have his help. Thank you for services you provide to the community!”

- Victoria, NV
Assisted by Rigo, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Oct. 10

“I was involved in an accident. I contacted 911 and within 3 minutes a gentleman from the Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol Program had pulled up behind us. I do not know his name but he asked me if I was alright and informed me that we had to move to the right break-down lane. He suggested I take a picture of the person’s license plate in case he left the scene. I was so impressed with the response and the care from this individual. Having someone on the scene while waiting for a trooper to arrive was calming. Although I have seen the truck before, it wasn't until today I can fully appreciate this service. Kudos! What an awesome program.”

- Ann, CT
Assisted by Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 10

“Well, a few weeks prior, I had run out of gas. Mind you, I had a half of a tank according to my gas gauge. After sending my mom’s car to the garage on a flatbed tow truck and $100 bill to say ‘You’re out of gas,’ the mechanic insisted everything was fine. Guess what? I was on the side of the road, again. I think it's safe to say my gas gauge is broken. To my surprise, a truck pulled up behind me and asked if he could help me out. I said ‘I think it may just be gas.’ He was so nice and sweet and said ‘Well, you stay in your car and I'll gladly give you a gallon of gas for free!’ I tried to offer him money but he totally refused! He put the gas in my tank and handed me a card, and said his name was Brad. He wished me a wonderful day and had me on my way! Thank you so much, Brad! You were my savior! Such a great friendly guy. Got me back to driving safely! I was so stressed out and you just made my day! What an angel!”

- Wendy, ME
Assisted by Brad, Maine Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol on Oct. 1