"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Angela, who helped me through one of the scariest moments of my life today. My three-year-old daughter, who was strapped in her car seat behind the passenger seat, had somehow wrapped the middle seatbelt around her neck. I immediately pulled over and realized the seatbelt was in a locked position and couldn't be loosened. Angela was by my side within a minute, holding the seatbelt so my daughter's airway was free while I tried different approaches to try to get her loose. She kept extremely calm and asked if I would like her to cut the seat belt. She instructed me on how to hold the seat belt away from my daughter's neck while she retrieved a tool from her truck and cut my daughter free. My daughter is fine, no marks even, but this is a nightmare scenario that could have turned out so differently if Angela wasn't there to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're our hero!"

- Kelly, CO
Assisted by Angela, Colorado State Farm Safety Patrol on September 4

"I was driving down I-40 in a Sprinter work van when my tire blew out near Randleman Rd. at an extremely busy section of highway. I would really like to thank Lawrence and Jeff for their help. They were a true blessing. I had only been pulled off the road for maybe a minute when Lawrence pulled up like the cavalry with his lights on and warning traffic of my vehicle on the side. He then advised me to pull up on the concrete curb of the on-ramp for safety. By this time Jeff also spotted my dilemma and was there to assist. These two guys were like having a NASCAR pit crew come to the rescue. These guys turned what started out as a truly stressful, somewhat scary and dangerous situation into what felt like a minor setback. I really can't thank them enough and state how courteous and professional they were. Not only were they the Assist Patrol this afternoon, they were like the Angel Patrol watching over me!"

- David, NC
Assisted by Lawrence and Jeff, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 4

"My 17-year-old son got a flat tire on I-71 in the middle of rush hour traffic on the way to school. He was in the process of changing the tire on his own, with his father’s guidance on the phone. The State Farm Assist Patrol helped him finish the job in a very intimidating situation for a relatively new driver. It is nice to know that there are real life Good Samaritans out there!"

- Ted, OH
Assisted by Chawn, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 5

"Yesterday, on September 11th, I was on my way home from work, traveling north on I-110. As I neared the Baker exit, I had a tire failure. I was able to pull over onto the shoulder of the road. I got out of the car to assess the damage and a DOTD MAP truck pulled up behind me. The driver was Henry, who told me that he had seen me slow down and then pull off the road, and he was checking to see if I needed his help. In less than 30 minutes, Henry changed my tire and had me good to go! He was quick, professional, and nice during the entire process. Thank you so much for this program!"

- Sandy, LA
Assisted by Henry, Louisiana DOTD Motorist Assistance Patrol sponsored by State Farm on September 11

"On Wednesday, September 11th, my vehicle was disabled due to a broken fan belt. J. was very helpful and positioned his vehicle as a warning to passing motorists. He remained with me until the mechanic had made the repairs and I was back on the road. This type of service is a witness to the hospitality of Kentucky. I certainly appreciated his dedication."

- Jacob, KY
Assisted by J

"While driving on RT 22, our tire went flat. I proceeded to the next exit and pulled off onto the shoulder exit. I got out of the car to assess the problem and proceeded to get the spare tire, jack and lug wrench out of the back of the car. As I was trying to pry off the hub cap, an emergency vehicle pulled up behind me. The driver came over, retrieved his own tools, and had our tire changed in 10 minutes or so. He saved the night for my wife and I as we were going to an event to meet with our children and grandkids. Butch was a blessing and we cannot thank him enough!"

- Dennis, PA
Assisted by Butch, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 13

"In the early morning of September 16th, going to the Tampa airport, our right rear tire went flat. We were able to get off to the berm. Two patrol drivers came by in a short time. They were Jackie and Sijae. Both were very professional, very well groomed, and their uniforms were really neat. We had never heard of this service, being from Ohio. Jackie explained that Ohio had just started using this service very recently. Jackie changed the tire very quickly and we were on our way. I salute the Sunshine State and State Farm for having these two exceptionally fine young people on their staff. We now live in Florida and just love it. Thanks so very much, State Farm."

- Jerry, FL
Assisted by Jackie and Sijae, Florida

"My left front tire blew and Tim helped me efficiently and courteously, and got me back on the road quickly. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this service. I was trying to YouTube how to access my spare when Tim knocked on my window offering to help. He showed me how to get my spare and he filled it with air. It would have not been safe to use an under-inflated spare. He quickly replaced my blown tire with the spare. I asked if I can tip him to show my gratitude and refused it and informed me it is a free service sponsored by State Farm. Thank you for providing this service."

- Andrew, NV
Assisted by Tim, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on Sep 16

"My company van had a blowout on the parkway while transporting special needs individuals. While I was waiting for a tow truck, a patrol driver by the named Ken pulled up behind me and let me know he would remain with me until the tow truck arrived. Seeing as how the tow truck was taking a very long time, Ken offered to change the tire for me. In a matter of a few minutes, he had the tire changed, and had us back on the road. I thanked him a hundred times, and could have thanked him a thousand more. I guess what they say is true because like a good neighbor, State Farm was there for me today."

- John, NY
Assisted by Ken, New York State DOT HELP Program sponsored by State Farm on Sep 24

"While traveling home from a camping trip on Rt 50 near 97 we had a blow out on our travel trailer that caused extensive damage. Once we got over to the shoulder, all I could think about was getting my wife and 2 young kids off the highway somehow while I changed the tire. Before I even had a chance to figure that out, Naylor and Meredith were behind me with their arrow boards on and asking if I needed help. At that point, I had no idea it was a free service but didn't care what it cost as long as I could get my family off the shoulder as quick as possible. By the time I got the spare tire out, they had the camper jacked up and the blown tire off! Once the tire was changed, they then helped me zip-tie all the wires and propane lines back up so I could get it home. Once I found out it was a free service, I was speechless, which doesn't happen very often. They were so friendly and happy to help. I would have loved to give them each a big tip but they informed me while I was attempting that they could not accept tips and were just happy to help get my family out of danger (all while putting their life in danger)."

- Steve, MD
Assisted by Naylor

"After a long trip in a friend’s vehicle with a broken gas gauge I was stuck on the side of the highway, in traffic, on one of those days where I was about to melt down from life's seemingly woes of constant obstacles, and this may have been a breaking point. Silly, I know, over gas. Before I could even Google search the nearest gas station to walk to, there was Sherwin, with a friendly smile, to offer help. I was embarrassed and trying not show tears. He asked what I needed and that he was there to help. He went straight to his vehicle, came back, put gas in my vehicle at no charge and offered some friendly wishes for a good day. This seems like a simple act of humanity, but it was more than that. After driving for days and with the sorrow of current issues, it helped restart my mentality for the day. Restoring that known belief that great people are out there and the more valuable asset, a smile and the relief that in less than 3 minutes, I could get on with my day. Instead of walking to pour up gas at an overpriced gas station, to get all over myself, and then drive to get more gas. Sherwin is a hero."

- Natasha, CT
Assisted by Sherwin, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 26

"We were heading camping on 295 north with our travel trailer. Our trailer tire blew out and we were stuck on the side of the road. Within minutes, there were two Safety Service Trucks to assist us, Steve and Paul. We were in a very busy section of the highway and they parked one truck in front of us and one behind. They jacked up the trailer and changed the tire with our spare within 15 minutes. They were both extremely friendly and professional. I have MS so I was quite concerned about how I was going to change the tire on my own. To lay on my back in traffic might be difficult. I have lived in New Jersey for 30 years, and have complained about many things in this state, but your program has definitely wiped away any negative thoughts! I love New Jersey!"

- Tim, NJ
Assisted by Steve

"Tracy came to assist me on October 8th. I had a blown tire on the GA 400 at approximately 6:40 AM. Rush hour traffic and still pitch dark. You get the picture. Anyway, Tracy volunteered to change out my tire. Not only could he do it a lot quicker than I could, he probably saved me from ruining my dress pants, shirt and shoes. Big thanks to Tracy, and I'm glad my insurance company supports such initiatives as the HERO program."

- Ted, GA
Assisted by Tracy, Georgia DOT HERO Patrol sponsored by State Farm on October 8