"Jay happened to be driving behind me today when my tire blew out. He was SO helpful in helping me change it and in protecting me with his truck and flashing lights, since where I had to pull over was quite dangerous. I am so thankful to Jay for his help, professionalism, and friendliness. What a wonderful, almost angel-like presence Jay was in my life today! All in all, it took only about 15 minutes to change the tire, which is something I never could've done my myself, given the precariousness of my situation and the traffic whizzing by on both sides. Thank you so much, Jay! I am eternally grateful for your help, and I hope for you and your family much health and happiness. I wish I could repay your kindness. Thanks again!!!!!!”

- Benjamin, CT
                        Assisted by Jay, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 7

"Thank you to Ricardo. Seriously, you saved our lives today! We ran out of gas an exit away from getting to a gas station. I was crying and having an extremely hard day. Ricardo showed up and he saved the day. He gave us a tank of gas to get us to the gas station and he was so nice and so kind. I had no idea that Nevada had such amazing services. State Farm, seriously, thank you so much for your help!!! You truly saved us on an extremely hard day when we needed more help than you know, so thank you! And if this gets to Ricardo, thank you so much, Ricardo. You were so nice and so helpful. Seriously, thank you!!”

- Markie, NV
                        Assisted by Ricardo, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on September 5

"In less than 10 minutes of us discovering our flat, Herb was right there. My wife had a work shift and we had just landed after a 27-hour journey! Herb changed our tire, advised on the best way home and informed us of tire shops likely to be open on a Sunday. #HerbisaHero”

- Aarif, MD
                        Assisted by Herb, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on August 22

"I'm a female that was pulling a large horse trailer on a 7-hour trip traveling through NC when I got a blowout on my trailer. I was in the middle of changing it when Juan stopped to help. Thank goodness he was there because my spare had a broken valve stem and was quickly leaking air. He took the tire and my friend to a close by tire store to have it fixed. We decided to have a new tire put on the blowout rim and he followed us all the way into the parking lot of the tire store. He was so helpful and just a great person. He made a stressful event more calming. We were in great hands. Thank you so much for your service!!!!”

- Debbie, NC
                        Assisted by Juan, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 20

"On my way home from work, I blew a tire on the 15. I was able to pull over to the side of the road, but it was me and my four-year-old daughter stuck. My husband was just arriving to help when Stephen pulled up and SAVED US! He quickly jumped in and helped change our tire with a spare. He also REFUSED to accept a tip despite my best efforts. He was so kind and helpful. Stephen was able to get me and my family off the highway quickly and safely. This is such an amazing service and I will be sharing my story with everyone I know! Thank you, so so so much!”

- Molly, NV
                        Assisted by Stephen, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on August 19

"I shredded a trailer tire on I-77 at rush hour. Scott found me and stopped behind me with all of the huge truck's wonderful caution lights flashing. He checked the tire situation and told me he had everything he needed to fix it for me. All I needed was to provide the spare. He was a gentleman, a handy-man, a comforting and kind soul; exactly what I needed. Thank you, State Farm, for your partnership with NCDOT in this wonderful program. I am so grateful for Scott’s assistance.”

- Karen, NC
                        Assisted by Scott, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 18

"I was going down the freeway when my car started to overheat. Of course, I was in a construction area and there was no place for me to pull over. So, I had to pull over in the right lane. Luckily, State Farm pulled up to block the right lane to protect me from somebody rear-ending my vehicle in a very dangerous area. After several minutes, I was able to get my car started after it had cooled off. Then, the State Farm guy followed me until I got to a safe close shoulder. Thank you, guys, for this fantastic program you guys offer out here on the expressway!!”

- John, OH
                        Assisted by Steven, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 18

"Having mistakenly believed my truck’s ‘info system’ that I had 10 more miles of gas left, which would have been plenty, my wife and I ran out of gas on Rt. 95 in Guilford, CT. Shortly after calling the State Police to tell them I was stuck, Sal, the State Farm Assist Patrol driver, pulled up behind us and offered to give me enough gas to get me to a gas station. Sal was very calming and assured my wife that all would be okay. After putting the gas in the truck, he stayed to be sure our truck started and that we got safely back into a travel lane. Thank you, Sal and thank you, State Farm and the CTDOT. You saved our day!”

- David, CT
                        Assisted by Sal, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 17

"My car died on the freeway. Stephen just appeared right behind me, even before me pulling over my car! His main concern was getting us to a safe area: 1) due to being on the freeway at a busy time and 2) to get us out of the Vegas heat. He called for a tow. Tim got there within minutes, towed us to a safe area and we were able to go in to an air-conditioned casino. Thank goodness for both of them!! They were very helpful and efficient. I felt they treated us like family members, caring about our safety and well-being! Thank you, Stephen & Tim!!”

- CH, NV
                        Assisted by Stephen & Tim, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on August 17

"I broke down on the side of 277 going on to 77. Out of nowhere, he came like a knight in shining armor and asked me if I was okay and what did I need. I told him I broke down and needed gas. He said, ‘No problem!’ He went to his truck and assisted me. He made sure that I was okay, and I was aware of where I was and how to get to the nearest gas station. He was very pleasant and helpful. He showed me care like I was his little sister. He made me feel so comfortable that I'm ready to switch my insurance company because he stuck by the slogan ‘like a good neighbor.’ He was there when I needed it most. I'm very grateful for him being at the right place at the right time.”

- Kimberly, NC
                        Assisted by Patrick, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 16