"Last night, we got a flat on 287 South near Bernardsville, while on our way to a wedding. I called for a tow truck through my auto insurance company, but their arrival time would be around an hour and a half. After waiting for about 20 minutes, a tow truck pulls up and a nice man named Frank asked if we needed help. I asked him if he was sent by the insurance company and he told me he patrols the highway routinely and is employed by NJDOT. He changed the spare in a few minutes. I tried to show my appreciation with a tip, but he wouldn't take it explaining it is their policy not to accept tips. So, I'm writing this as a thank you to Frank for his kindness and helpfulness last night. What a great program offered free by the State of NJ and a big thank you to State Farm Insurance for sponsoring the program!"

- Cary, NJ
Assisted by Frank, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm – Northern on July 5

"I hit a very large pothole that pushed me over two lanes of traffic. Thank goodness no one was over there. It destroyed my wheel and tire, which rendered the car disabled. Kevin stopped to help me, put on my spare and I drove to a tire shop. I am so very appreciative of Kevin and the State Farm fleet! My little dog is ill and in the car. This could have ended up a disaster for both of us."

- Bonnie, NC
Assisted by Kevin, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 1

"I ran out of gas on the exit ramp of Eddy Road. Joe pulled up behind me and directed traffic to move around my van. He then came up and offered me a gallon of gas. I tried to pay him or even tip him, but he would not take my money. I was very embarrassed about running out of gas, but Joe saved my day. I am forever indebted and eternally grateful. God bless Joe and State Farm Assist Patrol Program."

- Sean, OH
Assisted by Joe, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 28

"Doug is the absolute best. I had some connection issues with my car’s battery, so it died right on the highway. Doug jumped my car, followed me until I was in the clear, and even gave me some helpful maintenance advice. How is this free?! Thanks, CDOT and State Farm!"

- Mike, CO
Assisted by Doug, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 24

"I was driving on the US 95 Freeway and my rear passenger tire blew on my minivan. Within seconds of pulling over on the side of the freeway, a Freeway Service Patrol truck pulled up right behind me. I was worried I was going to be late to pick up my children, but Ivan quickly changed the tire on my van and had me back on the road within 15 to 20 minutes. Ivan was very quick and friendly, and he even refused the tip I tried to give him. Ivan and the Freeway Service Patrol changed what I was expecting to be a stressful situation into a very uncomplicated one. I am very grateful for your service."

- A.D., NV
Assisted by Ivan, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on June 20

"My tire blew out while I was driving on the I-85 highway. Though I know how to change a tire, all the equipment was back at my house, which was far away from where my car broke down. I called my dad so that he could bring over the equipment, but because the house was far, it took him a long time to get to me. While I waited on the side of the highway, a HERO truck pulled over to assist me. I've always seen these State Farm assist patrol vehicles but I had no clue that they would just stop to help anyone. I actually didn't know anything about this HERO program until that very moment. KB, the patrol driver, was really helpful and put cones around since I was awfully close to the highway. The cars drive so fast, you could feel the force. As he was just about to help me insert my spare tire, my dad arrived with the equipment, and KB proceeded to aid us in changing our tire. I'll admit this was my first emergency, which seems pretty dull compared to what you guys do, and I was definitely stressed out and not thinking straight. KB was very calm, kind, and collected, and I believe that helped me keep composure throughout. Like I said earlier, I had no clue this State Farm HERO program would help literally anyone, and I've been commuting to Atlanta for 4 years! The experience was not only helpful, but humbling and I would highly recommend people call 511 for assistance. KB was very helpful and I hope he'll continue to do great work as HERO."

- Abdullah, GA
Assisted by KB, Georgia DOT H

"I was at Exit 6 on the Interstate 684. A back tire had blown out because of debris from an accident nearby. It was 4 a.m. I called AAA and even though confirmed, the AAA tow truck never came to change the tire, even after repeated calls. Thank goodness for Eric, who happened to drive by. He was so extremely professional, and went above and beyond to change my tire (which was hard to do, as I have a large Volvo SUV). I never knew that this service existed and since having had such a great experience in a time of trouble, I will surely look into State Farm when I renew my insurance. Bravo to State Farm and to Eric, who really saved me from a disaster!"

- Vincent, NY
Assisted by Eric, New York State DOT H

"I received a call from my wife that she had a flat tire after coming off route 70 onto route 29 south after passing over route 40. Traffic is extremely heavy with most vehicles traveling over 60 miles an hour. We do not have AAA or other services that would respond to a call for help. She hit something in the road which blew out her left front tire and bent the rim. When I arrived, Bryan was already on the seen pulling out the spare tire. I can't over express how delighted I was with his demeanor. He made my wife feel safe and comfortable. Please recognize what an asset he is in terms of goodwill for the State of Maryland and State Farm. I tried to offer him a tip and he very professionally declined accepting one. Great job with this program!"

- Frank, MD
Assisted by Bryan, Maryland SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm on June 11

"Chris saw that I had a flat tire at the Hampton refueling and State Highway Service Department on Thursday, June 6th. Chris was outstanding. He carefully and thoughtfully changed my tire and advised me what I needed to do next. His cheerful disposition and confident demeanor were reassuring and comforting. Because of his quick service, I was safely on my way and able to make my next scheduled event on time. Thank you, State Farm. Thank you, Hampton State Highway Department, and a special thank you to Chris."

- Jay, NH
Assisted by Chris, New Hampshire DOT BOT Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm on June 6

"I had a flight tire on the Falmouth Connector between I-295 and I-95. I had called roadside assistance and they were about 2 hours out. I decided to change the tire myself, even though I was dressed for work and didn't relish the idea of getting dirty. I had gotten the spare tire out and up came Mark with the assist patrol program. He had a jack and cordless drill, and had my tire changed in two minutes. He was friendly, professional and saved me a lot of time and headache. Thank you so much!"

- Ted, ME
Assisted by Mark, Maine Turnpike Authority State Farm Safety Patrol on June 3