“Lawrence was a life-saver today. I was actually on my way to get 4 new tires put on my van and on the way there, my back driver's tire blew out. I was able to pull off the road and within a minute, he pulled up behind. I had just passed him a few miles back on Interstate 40. Today was bitter cold with the wind. He quickly got out and helped me change my tire and I was back on the road in a matter of 15 minutes. I truly appreciate his help. If I'd been doing it all by myself, it would have taken a little longer. Thank you so much, Lawrence, for your help today. It was so cold and you made it a lot less miserable for me.”

- Mickey, NC
Assisted by Lawrence, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 2

“I was on the side of 75 going north and my tire went flat. Scott came to my rescue almost 5 minutes after I pulled over. I thought I just needed air, but I needed my tire changed. His mask was on properly and he was very kind. I appreciate his assistance and his patience because my son was sleeping in the backseat. He was very quick with changing my tire. Thank you again. Scott gets a 1000% in my book of customer service.”

- Shameia, GA
Assisted by Scott, Georgia DOT HERO patrol sponsored by State Farm on January 26

“I was pulled off the side of the interstate in a state of shock. My driver side windshield shattered as I was driving, there was heavy traffic, and I pulled off the side of the road. I didn't know what to do. As I was gaining my composure, I looked up and saw the State Farm Assist Patrol. Jerry was very kind. He asked me if I was alright and put cones up for my safety. He alerted the police to check my car for the possibility of vandalism. He stayed until my daughter arrived, covered my window with plastic and said he would come back around to check and see that we got off okay. Thank you, Jerry! I didn't feel so alone!”

- Anna, OH
Assisted by Jerry, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on January 25

“My husband and I call him Billy the Angel. It was about 12:30 am and we got a flat tire about 20 minutes from our home in Baltimore county. My husband told me to pull over so he can start the process of changing the tire. Though it was very dangerous, my husband got out on the side of the narrow highway to assess the tire. We had our 15-month-old daughter in the car so he didn't want to wait for AAA. Right as he realized that he didn't have the tools he needed, Billy the Angel pulled up and jumped right out to help. Once he was done, my husband attempted to give him a tip for his help. Billy told us that he could not accept the tip. Filling out this survey is the least we can do. My family was able to get home safely with Billy's help. I didn't even know that Assist Patrol existed. Thank you so much for being our Angel that we didn't know we needed or had!”

- Tiy, MD
Assisted by Billy, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on January 17

“While traveling south on I-75 in my motorcoach towing a dolly with my Fusion on board, my dolly had a blowout. I pulled over with warning lights on, got my spare and tools out to change it. That's when I discovered the batteries for my impact were dead and wouldn't power my jack up. I was working on a Field Fix, when one of the Road "Angels" Rangers, pulled up. Michael was at the wheel of the service truck. His floor jack and fully charged impact made the difference. Within less than 1/2 hour, I was back underway. Michael was a definite bright light, in what could have been a very dark situation. Thank you, sincerely.”

- Wendell, FL
Assisted by Michael, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on January 14

“Mike stopped his patrol truck to assist me in changing a tire on my sister in-laws’ car. I was just starting to get the spare tire down from under the vehicle when Mike pulled up and asked if I needed help. As I was on the side of the highway and did not want to be there for too long, I gladly accepted his help. He immediately put cones out to warn other drivers of the hazard on the side of the highway, as well as turned on every possible flasher on his truck. After this, I felt much more comfortable. After getting us safe, he started assisting me with the spare. At this point, we found the spare to be stuck under the vehicle. He continued helping me until we finally got it. He didn't want to give up and I knew he wouldn't. Long story short, the spare ended up being flat and wouldn't hold any air that Mike put in it, so I had to venture over to the tire shop. But during all of that time, setting up the cones, helping me with the spare, taking the old wheel off the car, and helping me clean up the area, Mike was right by my side and I knew he would not leave me until he knew I had the situation under control. Mike is one hell of a guy and he went above and beyond that day. Thank you, Mike and thank you to State Farm and CTDOT for offering this amazing service.”

- Matthew, CT
Assisted by Mike, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on January 13

“After blowing out a tire on Southbound 580 near the Moana Exit 32, Sean of the Freeway Service Patrol pulled up behind me. He was friendly, knowledgeable and quick as he put on my spare tire so I could get out of the freeway exit ramp and away from the cars whizzing by. I offered him a $20 tip and he refused it saying he was just glad that he could help. I am also a 40-year State Farm customer and I am proud that they sponsor this roadside service.”

- Dennis, NV
Assisted by Sean, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on January 11

“My rear tire fell off and rolled down the hills on the highway off ramp between I-25 and I-70. Darrell from Assist Patrol saw it and brought me my tire, a floor jack and an impact drill. He also set up right behind me and put cones up to make the area safe. He jacked up my truck and helped put my tire and lug nuts on securely. What a life-saver! I otherwise would have been exposed on the side of the highway with no lug wrench. Instead, I was safely on my way 10 minutes after he arrived. Thank you, Darrell and Assist Patrol. You definitely saved me today!”

- Jesse, CO
Assisted by Darrell, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on January 10

"On Sunday, around 6:00 pm, two of my children and my youngest grandchild were traveling NB on I-65 between Keystone Ave and Raymond Street when my youngest, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, went into a violent seizure. Then, like a scene out of a movie, my oldest daughter, who was 4 days post-surgery from having her appendix removed and was the driver, performed some sort of miracle and held her sisters head to keep it from hitting the dash all while turning on her hazards, moving to the right shoulder, parking, and screaming at SIRI to call me. I informed her I was on my way to help her out and started on my way to them. Enter Carl, 83-15, in the State Farm Assist Patrol/Hoosier Helper vehicle, who pulled up behind their vehicle and engaged his safety lights. We've been dealing with her seizures for 12 years, so for us it's an everyday thing, so Carl didn't have to intervene. What he did do was stay on scene with my daughters, keeping them safe from oncoming traffic, until I could arrive. I thanked him multiple times for keeping our babies safe, but I wanted to make sure to let the program know that he was so appreciated. In our society today, with all the unrest and civil discord, the smallest acts of kindness hold the greatest weight. And while Carl may believe he was only "doing his job," that night he was my guardian angel, watching over our babies, keeping them safe, so they could see another day. Please let Carl know that he made a huge impact on our lives that night and we will always pray for his safety."

- Heather, IN
Assisted by Carl, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on January 10

“Cameron was heaven sent for my husband. As I was trying to get roadside assistance from my insurance on the phone, he pulled up and got the spare from under our truck and was able to install. We had no tools or jack to get it fixed and he had it all. My husband was on his way to work and Cameron came in the matter of minutes to his aid, so that he was able to make it to work and home safely. Thank you, Cameron!! Much Aloha and Mahalo. God bless.”

- Herm, NV
Assisted by Cameron, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on January 7