“Ranger? Antonio is an Angel sent by heaven, as I saw his truck and the lights flashing in my rear-view mirror. I had just gotten on 202 off San Pablo headed East when my left front tire went flat and shredded. I pulled into the little Emergency Lane on my left and was pondering my dilemma as Antonio pulled up behind me. He called a tow truck to haul me out of a dangerous situation, and set up traffic cones while awaiting the tow truck. The courteous tow truck driver hauled my pickup truck off the bridge and put it down in the first shopping center. Antonio changed the tire after putting air in my flat spare and loaded the remnants of my rim destroyed tire in the pickup bed. In addition, my battery died and Antonio restarted my truck and sent me on my way. I tried to tip Antonio and he cordially refused any money. I appreciate the Florida DOT and State Farm for sponsoring this very needed service, and Antonio for being there at the optimum moment.”

- Joe, FL
Assisted by Antonio, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on January 1

“My 18-year-old niece had a flat tire on Route 97 in Crownsville, and Marquis showed up before AAA got there. He set up cones to warn the high-speed traffic, took the spare tire and filled it with air, then quickly changed the tire. He was there less than 15 minutes and had everything fixed fine. He could not have been more professional and nicer. He would not accept my offer of a cash tip, either. He said it was not allowed. This young man was a huge help and my sister was able to cancel the AAA assistance request. The supervisor for Marquis should really thank this young man for his outstanding work; he was a lifesaver tonight on a dangerous highway on New Year’s Eve. Thank you, State Farm Assist Patrol and Marquis!”

- Ed, MD
Assisted by Marquis, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on December 31

“We had a blowout on I-40 during heavy traffic after hitting a piece of metal laying in the road. The jack that came with our jeep was not doing the job, and I was having an issue finding a tow truck that had time to come out to help us. Hesham stopped to assist. Our spare tire was on in minutes, and he went looking to find the metal we hit in the road to keep others from hitting it also. We tried to pay him for his assistance, but he wouldn't accept any payment. He really saved the day for us and we really appreciated his assistance. Topnotch experience with NCDOT State Farm Safety Patrol!”

- Carla, NC
Assisted by Hesham, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on December 29

“My car’s tire popped since I hit a pot hole. So, I had to replace my tire with a donut I had. It took me an hour to change my tire because the jack I had was not effective. As soon as I finished, I tried to start my car but the battery was dead since I had my hazards were on the whole hour. This was the first time my battery died, and I didn't have jumper cables and even if I did, I had no one on the highway near me to help me. But out of nowhere, a patrol driver came and asked me my problem. And I told him what my issue was and he fixed it ASAP. I am extremely grateful for him and this program. Thank you for all that help, as well as running this amazing program.”

- Yusuf, NY
Assisted by Joseph, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm on December 24

“My friend and I were driving on 690 East near the Van Buren Road exit, with 4 children in the car. We hit something in the road which caused a bent rim and flat tire. We pulled over to side of the road. A police officer stopped. The Assist Patrol vehicle also stopped. The assist patrol employee's name was Shawn. He was very friendly. He offered to help and did a great job. He changed the tire and put on the spare tire. No questions asked. Thank you, Shawn, as we were able to continue to our destination! Great program!!”

- Tammy, NY
Assisted by Shawn, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm on December 22

“Rick saw our vehicle (blowout) alongside I-95, and he was incredible. He stopped and helped us as he was passing by. He was so kind and knowledgeable, and happy while he helped protect us. What made this man even more of a hero was that I was in route bringing my wife to John's Hopkins for medical care. Thank you, Rick, Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, and State Farm. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wish for a safe and Happy New Year. May the hope of 2020 and the chaos in the United States finally be drawing to a close.”

- Jeff, MD
Assisted by Rick, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on December 21

“My family was on the road heading to my parents’ for the holidays in New Hampshire when I pulled into the service area on CT 15 in New Canaan. I left the car on for my wife and baby in the backseat while I went inside to use the restroom and buy sandwiches. For some reason, probably because my phone was charging, when I came back my battery died and the car wouldn't start. I tried everything I could to restart it, with no luck, and was finding no luck asking strangers for a jump. I was literally on the phone with State Farm (press 1 for this, press 2 for that) and worried it was going to take forever to get someone to come out and help (we had another four hours to go and my baby was already getting antsy). Just then I saw a State Farm truck pull in and literally park right next to my car! Talk about ‘When what to my wondering eyes did appear.’ For the record, I did not call the assist patrol -- this was a coincidence! I ran over and Vincent rolled down his window and agreed immediately to give me a jump. It all just felt meant to be -- we were SO, SO grateful. Vincent was incredibly kind and upbeat and got my car running in about 3 minutes! He did not hesitate for a second. This is a Christmas story I am going to keep telling for some time! THANK YOU, Vincent!!!!”

- Richard, CT
Assisted by Vincent, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on December 21

“My fuel gage went out on me and I didn't know how much fuel I had, which led to me running out. My semi-truck died just as I was approaching the Cape Fear River. I was completely stuck at the end of the merge lane but still on the road. I was scared and really nervous. My boss called a mechanic, but I still had to wait for a while. That's when Kelly and Roger showed up to help. They detoured traffic while they helped me get my truck started again. These two gentlemen saved me from a nightmare situation and possibly avoiding a serious accident. I want to thank State Farm and the North Carolina DOT. This service is truly more valuable than I ever thought it could be to me. Thank you, Assist Patrol!”

- Angel, NC
Assisted by Kelly & Roger, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on December 17

“I was driving normally when my car started swerving and making a loud noise. Thankfully, I was able to pull over safely. I looked to see I had a completely torn and flat left-front tire. I had never changed a tire before, so I brought up YouTube and was watching videos when I noticed someone pulled up behind me. It looked like a CDOT truck. A few seconds later, a gentleman approached and offered to put on my spare tire for me as a complementary service. I couldn't believe it! I was on the side of the road 10 minutes before Darrell came by and helped me. I felt like the luckiest guy in the state that day. I was so thankful for Darrell's help. This is a service that needs to be maintained, as I know it helps so many people in need. It certainly helped me today. Thank you CDOT, State Farm, and Darrell!”

- Matthew, CO
Assisted by Darrell, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on December 13

“On my way home from visiting a family member in Tampa, I blew a tire at Mile Marker 129. I was in a rental car that I was unfamiliar with. I was on the side of road for no more than 5 minutes trying to come up with a plan, when I see a Road Ranger approaching in rear view mirror, as if he were heaven sent. Will was my guy. He could not have been nicer! I tried my best to give him a well-deserved tip but he refused and said he made a nice salary and tipping was not necessary, just a really nice guy. He changed out my spare, filled the donut spare with air and put it on the car and I was done within minutes. It was amazing! Well done, State Farm.”

- Paul, FL
Assisted by Will, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on December 8

“After running over a pitch fork laying across the highway ramp, flattening a tire and tearing out plastic under the car, the patrol drivers, Martin and Jeff, showed up and literally risked their safety on the narrow ramp with nowhere to go except up against the guardrail. The narrow ramp barely had room for traffic to get by, and Martin and Jeff managed to change the tire, inflated the donut tire to specs, zip-tied the parts so they would not drag and finally facilitated us to get back on the ramp so we could get back home to safety and have the car checked out for damage. This was more than an ordinary 'help'; this was a dangerous undertaking and they need to be praised, as we did, upon completion of the work. Martin and Jeff said they loved their job and would not accept a gratuity. The Ohio Department of Transportation and State Farm certainly can be proud, not only of the Assist Patrol program, but these two rescue workers. Forever Thankful. Well Done!!!”

- Skip, OH
Assisted by Martin & Jeff, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on Dec 3

“Michael helped me put on my temporary donut tire on my car after my right front tire blew out on the I-15 northbound highway just south of the Lake Mead exit. He used his power drill to make it much faster for us to remove the blown tire and put on the temporary donut tire to get me quickly back on the road, since it was dangerous being pulled over on the side of a fast-moving highway/high traffic situation in the dark. Michael was friendly, courteous, very professional, and even followed COVID safety protocols by having his mask on. I really appreciate and thank him so much for helping me out.”

- Musa, NV
Assisted by Michael, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on December 3