“We were leaving the Dayton Airport and had just gotten onto 75 S. Within a few minutes, our tire light came on, and then after another minute or so we started hearing a rumbling-type noise and pulled over. It was a flat tire. So, we called our roadside assistance. They opened the claim and said they were going to call me to tell me they've dispatched someone and how long they'd be. Not 5 minutes later, a work truck pulls up behind us and it’s ODOT/State Farm. The man, Adam, asked if we wanted him to change it, and we said yes. About 5 minutes later, right before he finished, our insurance called me and said it would be within the hour when someone would be there. We canceled the roadside assistance since the job was just about done. As of this review, it has been 50 minutes since I received that call, so if it weren't for Adam and this program, we may still be waiting on the side of the road waiting on assistance! He was great, and this program is amazing!!”

- Mike and Ashley, OH
Assisted by Adam, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 12

“I was on my way to work on I-65 North during rush hour this morning, when I struck a small, metal object in the road that caused my tire to blow out. I pulled to the side of the road along with another vehicle who had already struck the object. A state trooper came along and checked on us. He asked if I needed assistance and if he could call Hoosier Helpers, and I said ‘yes.’ Hoosier Helpers were there in a very short amount of time. Stephen helped me move my vehicle and changed my tire. He made sure that I was safe. I am truly grateful for the help of the state trooper and Stephen.”

- Laura, IN
Assisted by Stephen, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on August 11

“I was traveling north on I-85 in Charlotte when my tire became flat. I was waiting for roadside assistance from my insurance provider when Marvin H. pulled up. He asked what was wrong and I told him I was waiting for assistance, that I had already called. Marvin waited till they got there and even helped changed the tire. Marvin was very helpful, friendly and polite. Wow!!! What a program this is. I was unaware of it till this incident. Thank you, Marvin, the Program and State Farm.”

- Bob, NC
Assisted by Marvin, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 10

“He changed my flat tire after my own insurance road assistance guy didn’t help me. Chandler was awesome, and as I was freaking out because I had my children with me; he was so calm that it calmed me down. Thank you. I am forever grateful to this great service and to Chandler.”

- Kathia, CO
Assisted by Chandler, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 10

“At 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 9th, I ran out of gas northbound on I-43, just past the Racine, Wisconsin Exit 339. A black law enforcement vehicle stopped for me and summoned your driver Dennis, an older gentleman like myself. Dennis was there in less than 10 minutes. Using a long funnel, he GAVE me a full container of gas. Since my 2003 Dodge Caravan was sitting at such a slant on the gravel shoulder, the gas couldn't reach my carburetor. Dennis hoisted the van up onto his flatbed and brought me to the Park and Go, where my van started up once it was level. Dennis was personable, and I felt like I'd made a good friend in the short minutes we were together. He would take no money, but gave me your brochure and suggested that I might recount my trouble to this site. I am very grateful for his help and State Farm's assistance program.”

- Reed, WI
Assisted by Dennis, Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 9

“I was driving down the Northern State Parkway when my car suddenly started shaking, so I pulled over immediately and checked the engine. I had a hole in the coolant tank and I was out of antifreeze and water. I sat by the side of the highway for about twenty minutes so my car would cool down, when out of nowhere, I see a State Farm HELP vehicle pull over behind me. He asked if I needed help, and I explained the situation. He was so incredibly kind and helpful. He checked my engine and helped with the problem so I could drive back home to my parent's house safely. He gave me coolant and checked other things. He was phenomenal. I tried to give him money, but he said he was just happy to help and would accept nothing. He then gave me his card and I thanked him again. I am eternally grateful and don't know what I would have done if he didn't come to the rescue. Thank you again, Herbert!”

- Allison, NY
Assisted by Herbert, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on July 17

“I had a flat tire on my enclosed utility trailer. Bill was there almost immediately to provide assistance. He provided coverage from oncoming traffic, due to my inability to move from the lane of travel of the accelerated lane. He also assisted with my tire removal, boosted my battery and added a calming affect with a very calm demeanor during a very stressful event. He made a very dangerous and unsafe situation a wonderful encounter. I am truly thankful for him and State Farm Assist Patrol and will be forever indebted to him and this great public service provided by you. May God’s blessing be upon each of you and stay safe, both from this very dangerous job and the pandemic. Thank you so much.”

- John, NC
Assisted by Bill, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 15

“I was driving to work on Wednesday, July 15 around 9:40 a.m. I hit a rock going 70 mph and had a big hole in my tire. I pulled over and within 5 minutes, a road side truck pulls up. I denied the help and said thank you. The gentleman said ‘let me help you, I got power tools. I can have this done in 2 minutes.’ So, I said, ‘sure!’ I really liked that he had all his equipment organized and was very polite. After a few minutes, I thanked him and was back on the road. I even got to work on time. I just wanted to say thank you again to the gentleman. He left me his card it said Eric. My insurance renewal is coming up, and just because I like how he handled the situation I'm considering switching to State Farm. Thank you, once again.”

- Jose, NV
Assisted by Eric, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 15

“I had run over a stray piece of sharp debris on the highway and pulled over on the side of the road to find my front left tire completely flat. Literally within a minute, the State Farm truck pulled up behind me and two of your drivers asked if I had a spare so they could change the tire for me. I had no idea this service existed, and it was an absolute godsend, since I don't have AAA or anything like that. The driver who changed my tire was named Eric and he helped so much. They even gave me water which was much appreciated in the middle of the Vegas summer. Thank you, guys!! Makes me happy to be a State Farm customer.”

- Megan, NV
Assisted by Eric, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 14

“We had a flat tire coming over the Ben Franklin Bridge, and he changed our tire on the side of 676 in a teeming rain. The patrol driver, Mike, arrived at our location and calmly, professionally and with a good sense of humor, got right to the job. His response was fast, and I was amazed at him getting there 10-15 minutes after the call to 911, especially considering the weather and I would assume many calls on a day like this. He quickly got to work and took care of everything from getting the spare out, to making sure it had air in it, prior to sending us back on the road. What a great service and thanks to the men and women who are out there working on this important service to keep motorist safe across the state.”

- Ed, NJ
Assisted by Mike, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 11

“A friend and I were taking her camper up I-95 in Delaware County when it came off of the hitch. A state trooper came to our rescue along with a State Farm Safety Patrol person. His name was Michael. He was able to get the camper back safely on the hitch and followed us to a rest stop so we could settle our nerves. He helped us at a dangerous curve on I-95, even though the State policeman had his vehicle behind us with lights flashing and in pouring rain. Michael is a hero! This happened on Friday, July 10 at about 8 a.m. Please let him know that he did an outstanding job.”

- Nancy, PA
Assisted by Michael, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 10