"Hello! So today is Mother's Day and on the way to a steakhouse in NJ, we got a flat. My dad can change a tire, but he was having trouble because the wheel lock was stripped. We did call triple A, but it was over an hour wait. After my dad was attempting to un-strip the wheel lock, Pat showed up behind us and aided my dad in the process. He was so caring, kind and attentive. The weather was terrible, consisting of cold temperatures, rain and high winds, but that didn't stop Pat from helping us! Not to mention, he saved our Mother's Day plans from being ruined. We will never forget how much he helped us in a time of need."

- Katie, NJ
Assisted by Pat, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on May 12

"I am very grateful for the work of the two gentlemen with INDOT who spotted my disabled vehicle off of I-465 near Allisonville Road. They pulled over to greet me, and then very quickly, within less than 5 minutes, changed out my flat rear tire and replaced it with the spare we keep in the trunk. I was able to drive the vehicle from there to the local Costco for further inspection and replacement of the damaged tire. I have watched the workers in the Assist Patrol Program help many people in the past, and though I never hoped that the day would come when I might need assistance on the busy Indianapolis Interstates, I sure am glad and grateful that these gentlemen located and assisted me in such an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!"

- Lance, IN
Assisted by Tim, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- Central Indiana/Indianapolis Metro area on October 24

"I was driving south on I-25 during morning rush hour. The light for a tire issue came on, and I pulled off to the right side of the highway just before a major exit. By the time I walked around to check the tires and found a front passenger flat tire, one of your patrols was already pulling up. Literally less than 1 minute! His lights were on and I could see he was calling on his radio. He immediately asked if he could change the tire and did it very quickly and efficiently. I was back on the road in record time. The patrol's name was Colin and he was amazing and so nice and made a stressful situation amazingly easy to handle. I am so appreciative of his professionalism and kindness and he definitely went over and beyond to get my car back on the road and safely. Thank you so much. This is such a worthwhile service!"

- Toni, CO
Assisted by Colin, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 23

"My car overheated and came to a stop in the center lane on 215 West during afternoon traffic. Though I had already alerted emergency services as to my predicament, Bob was able to come to the rescue before even being contacted; he spotted the unusual traffic build-up that was occurring behind my stalled vehicle as he was driving his route. Bob was able to position his vehicle behind me and hopped out of his truck to come see what the problem was. After informing him that my vehicle wouldn't start, Bob told me to put it in neutral and he would use his truck to push my vehicle to a more favorable location. Despite the reckless driving of others, Bob was able to get me safely to the shoulder of the highway. Once we were safely off to the side, Bob came up and helped me diagnose the problem with my vehicle. It seemed that I needed water in my radiator, which Bob was happy to supply from his truck. However, upon adding the water, Bob noticed that the water was spurting out of a hole on the rear side of the radiator, which meant I was going to need a tow. Bob stood by while I made my phone calls and even offered me a bottle of water, as I would be waiting in the heat for some time. I feel very fortunate that Bob was available to help me on this day."

- Kevin, NV
Assisted by Bob, NDOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on May 8

"I was on I-95 in commute traffic when my car just stopped dead. I was able to steer it mostly out of the slow lane. Stephen placed his truck behind my car and gently nudged it out of the traffic lane. He stayed with me for as long as he was able, always returning after he left to help someone else. He was so polite, calming, and helpful - I just could not have asked for a kinder person to help me out. I hope you realize what a wonderful person he is and a great representative of your company. I think he was my angel yesterday. Many thanks, Stephen!"

- Anne, CT
Assisted by Stephen, CTDOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 8

"I ran out of gas on the highway, 1/4 mile from an exit and gas station. I walked to get gas, and got back to my car 20 min later with a 1 gallon tank of gas. As I returned, Chuck had just pulled up to my vehicle. He assisted me in putting my gallon of gas in my car, and I thanked him. I then tried starting my car, and it would not start. The gallon of gas was not enough. He then went to his vehicle and provided me with some more gasoline, and my car started. I am thankful Chuck was there to avoid me on having to take a 2nd walk to the gas station to fill my 1 gallon gas can up again. I offered him a $10 tip, just to cover his lunch, and he refused. Very nice man and did not want anything in return for his help, or the gas that he gave me."

- Andrew, MD
Assisted by Chuck, MDSHA Emergency Traffic Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on May 6

"He changed a blown-out tire. I have just moved to CO from CA. I have never heard of this amazing service. As soon as the blow out happened, I made it safely to the side of the road. Before I could even think of who to call for help, there was Elliot, my Saint/Angel! He was so kind and understanding, made me feel safe, explained who and what company he worked for and how he was going to help me. He changed my tire so quick and I was on my way. Thank you so much, Elliot and State Farm, for this amazing service! After this service, I will be calling State Farm to see if I can afford insurance, because I know my money will be going to a great cause. I feel so much better about driving around knowing these kind gentlemen are out there to help me. Thank you so much, Elliot and State Farm."

- Wendy, CO
Assisted by Elliot, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 6

"I was on my way to work at around 7:35 AM. I heard a pop and my car started slowing down, so I pulled over. Then Greg appeared behind me like an angel out of nowhere within 2 minutes of pulling over to the brim of 670 west. He came to my window, asked if I was okay and if had been there long. He told me I had a flat and he would be happy to assist me. Within 10 minutes, I was back on the road. To me he was god sent. I was scared to exit my car on an interstate and thought I’d be there forever waiting on help to come. He was very personable, professional and made me feel I was in safe hands. I was not aware of the free services ODOT and State Farm offered but am very appreciative for their service."

- Christa, OH
Assisted by Greg, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol - Columbus on May 3

"The HERO unit helped my fiancé after a truck dropped a large concrete paving stone on the road in front of her, demolishing her front tire and forcing her to immediately pull off of the road. She was capable of replacing the wheel on her own, but the HERO truck was extremely helpful and made her feel much safer by ensuring that traffic was routed around her and speeding up the process with their hydraulic lift and air tools. Very, very much appreciated."

- Rob, GA
Assisted by Brown, Georgia DOT HERO Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on May 2

"I was driving a rental car and was not used to the digital gas gauge and ran out of gas on the 465 Freeway. I fortunately made it to the side of the road and parked. I was trying to figure out what to do, and I noticed a big truck pull up behind me. Sure enough it was the INDOT State Farm Hoosier Helper. I didn’t know it existed. Luis came to my passenger side door and offered to help. He was professional, friendly and had me ready to go in 5 min. He even knew how to digitally prime the pump to start more efficiently! I offered a tip and he said it was not permitted and offered to follow me to the next gas station a mile away which he did. I filled up and was all the better. What could have taken hours was only 10 min in total. AMAZING."

- Dan, IN
Assisted by Luis, INDOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm on May 2

"I was driving eastbound on the 417 and I got a flat tire. I pulled over and called AAA, who said the on-hold wait time would be 30 minutes to speak to someone. While on hold, 2 minutes later FDOT Road Rangers State Farm Safety Patrol pulled up, assessed the situation and said they could change the tire. Within 10 minutes, they had my tire changed and had me on my way. I still would have been on hold with AAA had they not arrived. Donald and Raheem were courteous, helpful, and safely got me on my way! Excellent service in time of need."

- Russ, FL
Assisted by Donald and Raheem, FTE State Farm Safety Patrol on May 1

"We got a flat tire while driving on the Saw Mill Pkwy. The driver changed our tire. And we were able to stay in the car while he did it, which was great because I had my elderly Mom with me and she would not feel comfortable standing on the side of the road on a busy highway. Richard, the driver, was so polite and friendly. I have seen these trucks on the road for years, but fortunately never needed the help. I am comforted now knowing exactly how they work and how quickly they arrive. I was shocked to learn there is no charge for this service. State Farm and NY State are doing a wonderful thing by providing this service. Thank you!"

- Pamela, NY
Assisted by Richard, NYSDOT Highway Emergency Local Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on April 29

"I had to pull off the interstate because my SUV was sputtering. I didn't know where I was when I took the exit. All I could see was the road I was on and trees on both sides. It was about 83 degrees and the reason that was important is because my wife has Multiple Sclerosis and is affected by heat. She is also unable to walk. I didn't know what to do other than call AAA but was unable to tell them where we were. I am a Christian, so I prayed and the next thing I knew, a DOT truck pulled up behind me. His name was Archie. If all the DOT personnel is like him, than no one should worry when they have a break down. His approach was calming, his tone was reassuring and the first thing he said was that he was here to help. He talked to AAA and gave them our location and that reassured us that he would remain until they arrived. He also offered to allow my wife to cool off in the truck if necessary. To be such a young man, he was very professional and pleasant. He would be a great instructor for new employees. He was a great listener while my wife and I shared our lives with him. He even knew which tow company was close to our location which he relayed to AAA. We can't say enough about Archie, because had he not come and assist us, I didn't know what I was going to do. I couldn't leave my wife in the car to go down to the stop sign to go look for help, and we were afraid that her scooter would run out of power if we both had to leave the car. Thank you for the opportunity to let you know the kind of person Archie is from a customer point of view. He is an outstanding young man who loves what he does and is very good at it."

- Joseph, NC
Assisted by Archie, NCDOT State Farm Safety Patrol on April 27

"I am a Trooper with the Colorado State Patrol in the Colorado Springs area. Roy pulled up behind me originally because he thought I was on a traffic stop, and since the guard rail and left shoulder stopped me from getting all the way out of the traffic lane. He pulled up behind me to give extra attention to my location. I was already impressed at how fast he responded and his consideration of the potentially hazardous situation. Moreover, he then noticed my car was leaning to the right due to a flat tire. He immediately began helping, pulled out his own jack and actually did most of the work so that my uniform would not get dirty. Roy is a valuable asset to the state of Colorado, as well as your department. He was very professional and was quick while still making sure to do everything as safe as possible."

- D.L., CO
Assisted by Roy, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on April 24