“The panel underneath my car came loose while I was driving on I-69. I just had it repaired before I started my journey to visit my aunt in Terre Haute. As I was driving south on I-69, I felt and heard the panel fall again, and it started scraping the ground. I was in the third passing lane when it happened. I pulled the car over to the left-side shoulder of the road. God sent me an angel right away: an INDOT State Farm Emergency Response vehicle was right behind me minutes after stopping. The angel God sent me was Aaron. He was very kind and helpful! He came to my rescue! He was able to remove the panel piece from my car. I was able to drive my car. Yay! He was there quickly and was able to fix my car so I could drive! By doing all that for me, I was not stranded on the interstate on a very hot day! And, more importantly, he allowed me to make it to Terre Haute on time, so I could visit my aunt who just turned 98 years old. She lives in a nursing home facility that has strict rules on time limitations on visitation. I was able to get there in enough time to join my cousins in her celebration! My aunt is very dear and near to my heart, so being able to be there for her celebration was priceless! May God Bless Aaron for his good deed!”

- Linda, IN
Assisted by Aaron, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on July 9

“Mike stopped immediately on Rt. 80 after my car hit a chunk of metal. My gas tank was shooting gas out, not leaking! I frantically helped my elderly mother out of the car and was hovering over her as we were on the left shoulder, right next to the fast lane with cars driving 70-80 mph. Mike came running over to assist and helped me keep my mother safe by redirecting traffic and helping me carry her. He is a compassionate gentleman! He was joined shortly by Joe who was also helpful and compassionate. I owe them both for coming to my and my mother's aid so quickly. Mom walks with a walker and I wouldn't have been able to manage without Mike, then Joe and a Gentleman police officer. Thank you so much Mike and Joe!! You guys were guardian angles today!!! We appreciate all of your kindness and assistance. They even helped get her into the tow truck. Great Guys, both of them!!!”

- Paul, NJ
Assisted by Mike and Joe, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 9

“Jerry was amazing and came right to my rescue. Total score 100, he was so kind and helpful, had me back on the road in minutes. I love State Farm H.E.L.P ❤️ Thank you Jerry you are the best; saved me and my three-year-old.”

- Henesis, NY
Assisted by Jerry, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on July 9

“I had the pleasure of meeting and getting assistance from Andre. I really appreciate the team that’s out there helping others during this time of the pandemic, and not to forget the 104 degree weather. Thanks, Andre! You are awesome!”

- Ebony, MD
Assisted by Andre, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 7

“We suffered a rapid deflation of our right front tire on I-25 south of Monument Hill. After pulling off the highway, we exited our vehicle and moved up the side of a hill to stay away from oncoming traffic. As my wife and I were trying to contact AAA and Mercedes roadside service, Jason pulled up behind our vehicle less than five minutes after we pulled off the road. In short order, he removed the flat, put air in our spare tire and mounted it on our vehicle. Although I could have changed the flat myself, the vehicle was parked on a sloping and soft dirt shoulder which would have made using our Mercedes jack much less stable than the hydraulic jack Jason used. Jason was extremely friendly, polite and was like a guardian angel sent to rescue us. Thank you so much, for Jason and the service the State Farm Assist Patrol provides!”

- Marc, CO
Assisted by Jason, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 6

“Our driver, Kevin, was extremely helpful when I had to pull over with a flat tire on RT 78 West last Friday, July 3rd. I wasn't on the shoulder for 10 minutes before the truck arrived. He swapped the tire, inflated my donut (which was flat too, of course) and had my wife, my young son and I on the road right away. From pull-over to drive-away, it took less than 20 minutes TOTAL. My family was extremely grateful for the help provided by Kevin, and the services offered by the Assist Patrol. We would have been in trouble without them!”

- Sean, NJ
Assisted by Kevin, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 3

“We were towing a car on a U-Haul trailer on I-285 at exit 32, and an axle broke on the trailer. We were able to drive the rig to the berm next to the concrete barriers. Hero Scott stopped soon after and checked on us. He was not able to fix the axle, of course, but was very helpful and sympathetic. He also indicated that we were very fortunate not to have wrecked. Scott told us that we were in a very high accident area and to be extremely careful. Scott acted in a highly professional manner and gave us encouragement and mental support. THANK YOU, HERO, SCOTT!”

- Julie, GA
Assisted by Scott, Georgia DOT HERO Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 3

“The patrol driver spotted us immediately. I have never seen anything like this happen before, and Brian arrived in probably 1 minute or less. I did not dodge a piece of metal that was in my lane, and I had to pull over on the side of the interstate. I had a spare in the back of my trunk and he pulled up and told me to put my jack and tools back, so he could do it all for me. He put the old tire in my trunk and changed it to my spare. He was so kind and it made my terrible, FIRST EVER FLAT EXPERIENCE, one to remember. I can't believe it went that smooth. I am a college student and was terrified out of my mind. Thank you so much for this assistance, I am so unbelievably thankful. #HoosierStrong”

- Hannah, IN
Assisted by Brian, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on July 3

“My husband and I were on our way to our home in Texas with our dog, who is in rehab from knee surgery. Our van got a flat tire on I-49 in Shreveport. Stephen was our Motor Assistance Patrol hero! He changed the flat tire for us and asked us to follow him to the nearest tire dealership. He arrived 10 minutes after we called, and he had us moving again in about 20 minutes, which minimized the amount of time we had to vacate the vehicle with our pup. Thank you, Stephen!”

- Angela, LA
Assisted by Stephen, Louisiana DOTD Motorists Assistance Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 3

“Butch helped me and this was on the 191 going to Bethlehem today, June 29th around 5:30pm. This gentleman did it like it was for him. I’d like to recognize Butch because showing integrity now-a-days is rare. On the other hand, I was not a customer, but because of the experience I had I would love to switch my car insurance. People like him are what should represent a company. Keep up the good work!”

- Zuleyka, PA
Assisted by Butch, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 29

“We were stuck on the median/shoulder between right-side highway traffic and the merging-on ramp traffic. We were towing a camper behind us with a complete blown-out rear tire on the tow vehicle. I had called my ‘road assist’ that I pay for, but they were lost and couldn't find us. So, Denver PD called the assist patrol. Chris arrived within 10 minutes. He helped us drop our spare from under the truck, which was stuck, and jacked our truck up in 30 seconds so we could change the spare. Thank you so much!! He was very courteous and so sweet about helping us out. We have State Farm insurance and am proud that State Farm sponsors this program, which we didn't know about until this incident!”

- Teresa, CO
Assisted by Chris, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 27

“My husband was bringing our 1955 Chevy Bel Air home from the shop and it broke down on him on I-25. Ricky just so happened to be driving by and stopped to assist. He towed my husband and our vehicle to a nearby gas station. He was so cautious, courteous and helpful. We thank him and your company for your service that was free of charge, as Ricky would not even take a tip. So again, thank you so much, Ricky and State Farm! We appreciate you!”

- Jackie, NY
Assisted by Ricky, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on June 24

“This is what happened to me 6/24/20 on my way to my job something went into my tire on the highway but, out of nowhere State Form pulled up behind me and, I don't even have State Farm Insurance. Brandon, who works for State Farm was so nice to give me a hand and, send me on my way to work. What made me say, ‘I'm switching to State Farm, working on switching my insurance now.’ Thank you so much!”

- Jamar, GA
Assisted by Brandon, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 24

“I got a flat tire on I-84 during rush hour with a very narrow shoulder to stop on. It was impossible for me to change the tire here without getting struck by a vehicle speeding by, as there was no room between my car and the highway lane. As I was trying to call someone for help, what seemed like out of nowhere, Mike of the CT DOT showed up behind me and set up safety cones to provide a safe zone around my car. This man was the most courteous, professional and helpful person that I have met in a very long time. He quickly changed my tire for me and got me on my way. The world would be a much better place if everyone was as awesome as he was.”

- Steven, CT
Assisted by Mike, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on June 24