“The Patrol Driver who helped me, named Dom, was amazing. I had just pulled over on the Southern State Parkway due to a flat. I had just got off the phone with both AAA and Hyundai Roadside service who both told me they could not help due to my location on the Highway. Then pulled up Dom, Thank God! My dad has shown me how to change a tire but it was hard for me to get the tire off and car jacked up. I'm so thankful that even during this Pandemic people are still willing to help and provide great service. I myself am a first responder, and because of his help this morning I was still able to get to work and continue helping others.”

- Lacita, NY
Assisted by Dom, New York State DOT HELP sponsored by State Farm on May 15

“I had a tire blowout on I-40 westbound. I had to pull over on a very narrow shoulder. I did not feel comfortable changing the tire so I called a towing service to either tow my car to my mechanic or change the tire, which ever they felt more comfortable in doing. I was told it would be an hour to an hour and a half before they would arrive. Within five minutes, a State Farm truck pulled up behind me and Chris got out and asked me if I needed help. I proceeded to tell him my situation and he said he would be glad to change my tire. He had the tire changed in five minutes. I offered to pay him, but he explained to me they are out there to help where they can. What an incredible experience!! Thank you, Safety Patrol!! You guys are awesome. Also, Thank You, Chris!! What a positive, upbeat and accommodating young man!!”

- Tim, NC
Assisted by Chris, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 11

“I ran out of gas on I-78 by exit 40 with my 9-year-old son. It was terrifying because there is a small curve that blocked the view of the traffic coming from down the highway. Trucks were speeding past us, so I had my son get out of the car and sit down the hill. God forbid if someone didn't see us and smashed into my car. I was shaken up and had no idea where the nearest gas station was. Within about 10 minutes of being on the side of the road, the NJDOT truck pulled up. The driver, Kevin, immediately made a joke about putting my face mask on before we interacted, which actually made me laugh and relieved my nerves. He asked what was wrong and told me everything was going to be fine. He told a few more jokes since he could tell I was nervous. He pulled the small can of gasoline out the side of the truck and gave me 1 gallon, enough to get to the nearest gas station. 1. He is a GREAT guy! I asked if I could give him money for the gas he used to fill up my car or offer a tip. He refused. He said that's my job. What an angel!!! 2. I have a new view of the State of New Jersey because of this service. I've lived in New York for 37 years and have NEVER been assisted like this by a state program. I swear I'm thinking about moving if I can expect service like this from the local government. 3. I just might switch my car and life insurance to State Farm based on this experience. Best marketing investment I've seen. To come to someone's rescue during a time of need is a memorable moment. Your logo and branding will forever be associated by this pleasant experience. Good job! Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU. That entire experience could have turned out very different if the help wasn't there. I am sincerely grateful.”

- Jasmine, NJ
Assisted by Kevin, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on May 5

“I was driving on the freeway going south on the 95 when all of a sudden, my tire blew. I pulled to the side and checked it out. My tire was destroyed. I had maybe been sitting there for not even 2 minutes before Bill showed up. When he pulled up, he told me who he was and that he would be able to change my tire. He was extremely professional and helpful. He was going north on the 95 and he went out of his way to get off the freeway and jump back on so he could help me. I know that this is his job, but the last experience I had dealing with my truck, I was stuck on the freeway for 3 hours. I was told I was in an unsafe spot and no one could get to me. The second he saw me, he came to help. He saved me so much time and money. I am very grateful he was there. I will recommend this service to anyone. Thank you, Bill and State Farm!”

- Katelyn, NV
Assisted by Bill, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on May 5

“My rear driver side tire exploded on 84E in Southington. I jacked up the car and removed the lugs, but the rim wouldn't come off. After about 15 minutes, a truck pulled up. It was Mike. I told him what happened and he said, ‘I'll have you on the road in 10 minutes.’ He was a man of his word. He got the rim off, and then installed my spare tire and filled it with air. Mike is my savior!! Without him showing up, it would have cost me hundreds of dollars in towing and repairs. He followed the COVID precautions the entire time as well. Thanks!! P.S. Give Mike a raise!! Or at least a bonus.”

- Nick, CT
Assisted by Mike, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 5

“I was heading down the highway leaving Greensboro, NC on my way to Kernersville, NC. Just as I was approaching exit 221, my front passenger side tire went flat and started smoking. It was the hottest point of the day and I had my dog in the back seat with me! Very worried, I called my boyfriend who was at work and wouldn't be able to get to me for 20-30 minutes. Then, a yellow utility truck pulled up and told me they alerted a crew member and someone would be along shortly to assist me. He drove away and I was worried because I didn't have any money. Not too long after, another yellow utility truck pulled up and came over to greet me and assess the situation. His name was Dre. I was upfront about not having money and let him know my boyfriend was in route, but he reassured me it was a free service and even started the process of changing my tire! He had all the equipment to make it quick and easy and had almost finished the job by the time my boyfriend arrived. Dre was polite and very helpful! I thank State Farm and Dre for assisting me and making an unpleasant surprise much easier and worry free for me! Very professional!”

- Arlene, NC
Assisted by Dre, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on May 4

“Today, I was on I-95 heading north to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital where my husband is receiving chemo and radiation treatment. The ride is about 75 miles from our home, so it's a little taxing at times. We got a flat tire, and the lug nuts would not come off. We were on a very thin shoulder, and traffic was flying by us. Your employee, Mike, from the Safety Patrol saved us along with a trooper from the State Police. The officer was visible to slow traffic, and Mike changed the tire. We were able to make it to the appointment late, but my husband was still able to receive treatment. Thanks to your hard working and dedicated staff, a difficult situation during an extremely stressful time was so much easier. Thank you so much to the officer and Mike for helping us today. Fighting cancer and then having the challenge of a disabled car on top of that seemed overwhelming. Your staff were the angels of the day helping us at the time it was needed most. Thank you so much, to both gentlemen for their diligence and commitment to help others. Your actions were appreciated more than we can say! Thank you.”

- Cindy, PA
Assisted by Mike, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on April 23

“I hit debris on 95 South and quickly pulled over to the shoulder because I heard something stuck under my car and it made a big noise dragging along. I was very nervous, scared, and did not know what to do! Shortly after I stopped, I saw a truck come and stop behind me. Bill came over and he made me feel calm immediately. He checked my car and found the debris was stuck next to my front wheel. He brought a jack, jacked up my front wheel and pulled out a shop vac cap! I was so grateful and offered to pay him, but he did not accept any money from me. He was nice, courteous and certainly super helpful! I was so lucky to have met him! Thank you a million, Bill! Great job. You are a super hero to me!”

- Wendy, NV
Assisted by Bill, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on April 22

“The driver, Leroy, stopped as I was waiting for a tow truck. Leroy made sure that I was safe and that I did not need any assistance. I explained to Leroy that the wrecker was allegedly on his way. Leroy assured me that he would not leave me stranded out here overnight and would check on me later. After Leroy was convinced that I was fine, he elected to continue his patrol. After a period of time, Leroy returned to my location, and brought me an evening meal. Leroy paid for this out of his pocket and would not accept any compensation. At this point, I was becoming concerned that the wrecker truck coming for me was not going to show. Leroy again assured me that he would not leave me out here and went on his patrol. It was now getting dark. I called and ask if Leroy could return and provide me some assistance. I had called for an additional wrecker. Shortly after calling, Leroy returned and provided assistance to me and the new wrecker operators when they arrived. I feel this program and Leroy's assistance is phenomenal. I feel that Leroy went above and beyond what he is expected to do. As a former law enforcement officer, Chief of police, I would have loved to have a group of officers like this man. Again, my hat is off to your organization and the quality of people you have employed.”

- Richard, KY
Assisted by Leroy, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet SAFE Patrol sponsored by State Farm on April 15

“I got a flat right-front tire from a pallet in the middle lane of I-10 Baton Rouge, before College Exit. The patrol driver was amazing! Definitely a Godsend. Traffic was flying by. He had his flashing emergency service lights on his commercial truck. He placed several safety cones several yards behind his truck, near his truck, and near my car. That area on I-10 is notorious for speeding. I was worried for my safety and for his safety. It's definitely a hazardous area with the many curves and many vehicles traveling faster than the posted speed limit. He was truly amazing!! I'm am so very thankful for your Service Patrol. He deserves recognition for his safety and crisis management, and his ability to work under pressure. God bless him for providing service under those hazardous conditions. Also, thank you to State Farm for providing the Service Patrol! I am so thankful for State Farm's generosity. Your man took control of the situation and helped me to manage my anxiety. I will be sharing my story and experience with a lot of people now and for years to come. I'm sorry to say that I do not remember his name, but I have begun including him in my daily prayers. He's a hero to me. I pray that God protects him from danger and blesses him always.”

- Sandra, LA
Assisted by Louisiana DOTD Motorist Assistance Patrol sponsored by State Farm on April 15

“I had a flat tire on I-90 and within about 10 min, an unsolicited HELP truck pulled up behind me and put his flashing lights on. He said he could change my tire at no cost and proceeded to do so. He got my tire out of the back of my van and put it on. He really risked his life to change my tire! There were many, many cars whizzing by and too many didn't move over as the law dictates. The HELP driver was extremely helpful and was very thorough. I am so grateful to this HELP driver, to NYS DOT, and to State Farm for this service!!! THANK YOU!!!”

- Donna, NY
Assisted by New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on April 13

“I was traveling alone in our Tundra pick-up, on a 1,200-mile moving trip from Maine to Kentucky. I was heavily packed, including a trailer. I had a punctured tire and my jack broke when I attempted to use it. I crawled out from under the truck and was trying to decide what my options were, when I looked up, and there stood Bryan. His truck was behind mine so I could not see it completely. I first asked him if he served AAA, not knowing about the service he provided. You can only imagine how lucky I felt that he was there, and only minutes after my troubles began. Bryan was very professional and made me feel as if I had a guardian angel riding with me. I tried to reward his kindness with a pint of pure Maine maple syrup thinking he would enjoy it, but he explained the rules of his job. Thank you, Bryan, so very much.”

- Bernie, MD
Assisted by Bryan, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on April 6