"Neil was an angel of mercy to my wife and me. He pulled up behind us last night, gave us good advice, changed our tire for us and followed us until we took our exit off of Route 70 to make sure we were okay. Thank you so much, Neil! We are so grateful that you were there to help us out and thank you, State Farm and MDOT, for sponsoring and providing this wonderful and much needed program!”

- Tony, MD
                        Assisted by Neil, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on November 10

“I did not call for this service. Hesham saw my husband and me parked in the emergency lane of I-40W. He pulled in behind my car as I was finishing my call to my roadside assistance provider. I was impressed with his tempered approach to me. He was smiling in his measured walk toward me and stopped 10-12 feet away to explain who he was. I appreciated his respect either for COVID or not wanting to appear threatening. With a smile, he calmly explained who he was, the nature of the assistance program and what he was able to do. He even recommended I call my provider back and cancel that request so THEY would not be put out. He went to work immediately, quickly changing the tire and offering to check the pressure in ALL of the tires. He advised me in driving on the donut and wished me well. The entire process was about 10 minutes. Hesham was clearly trained well and did everything precisely the way he should have. Professional, courteous, friendly.”

- Donald, NC
                        Assisted by Hesham, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on November 2

"I had a blowout on Interstate 10 at 8:00 p.m., 1 hour before the highway was due to close for the weekend. I had called towing, but they were going to be 2 hours out. I was panicking because I was going to be stuck in a mess of traffic and I was unsure if the tow truck would even be able to get there. I was desperate and frightened. When I saw the ADOT flashing lights at the top of the on-ramp about 50 yards away, I climbed up the steep embankment to ask what to do. Daniel and Jasmine were the operators who walked toward me. They immediately considered my fright, and also my age. Jasmine brought me a bottle of water. Daniel radioed in and then told me he would come and change the tire. He was there with the response unit within 15 minutes. This was a very frightening situation for me and knowing that ADOT was there made me feel safe. This was the most helpful service I have ever had in my long life. I am so grateful. Thank you, Daniel, for all of your help!”

- Marie, AZ
                        Assisted by Daniel, Arizona DOT Incident Response Unit sponsored by State Farm on

“I knew nothing about the State Farm Safety Patrol but I’m glad I now know they exist! James pulled over and made a safety zone for my car on the side of the highway without me even calling. He fixed my tire and had me back on the road within minutes, which was such a blessing because I was actually on my way to work. Thank you, James. Keep up the hard work!”

- Jasmine, OH
                        Assisted by James, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 25

“On Friday, I was traveling on I-40 westbound from Raleigh to a business meeting in Winston-Salem and just before Exit 220, I hit something in the road. It was heavy and steel as it cut a rectangular shape in my side wall and my tire immediately went flat. I was able to pull over on a grassy shoulder. A few feet in front of me was another car on the side of road and I assumed similar fate for that car. I had only been stopped long enough to contact my business contact to inform them that I would be late and to get the spare out of trunk when a State Farm truck rolled up. Lawrence was in the truck and motioned me to the passenger side and asked what happened. I explained and he quickly got his lift and lug nut wrench. He had the damaged tire off and the spare on. I appreciated the extremely quick response as he must have just been a short distance behind me on I-40 and he pulled over just after I stopped. This is a very busy stretch of highway and the flashing lights of the truck and yellow color offered some safety from the cars/trucks that didn't appear to slow down much as they passed in this area. I am grateful that assistance was offered without me even having to request aid, and that Lawrence was gracious and quick in getting the tire changed in a most busy location. Thank you, State Farm, and thanks to Lawrence.”

- George, NC
                        Assisted by Lawrence, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 22