"I must have run over something and it punctured the driver side tire. A state trooper stopped within 10 minutes. I had taken out the spare tire and found I had no jack. The state trooper called for assistance and said someone would be there in 15 minutes. While I was waiting, I noticed that the driver side rear tire was going flat also. Just about 15 minutes later, Sal pulled behind me. I explained what happened and I just happened to have a donut tire and a full-size spare in the car, just no jack! Sal replaced both driver side tires and filled them with the proper air pressure since both were low. I was back in business in about 45 minutes. This was a great service and it was free of charge. It was much safer to have the State Farm Assist vehicle with the lights flashing for safety. Thank you to Connecticut DOT and State Farm. Sal the repairman was fantastic."

- Mark, CT
Assisted by Sal, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on April 6

“My driver side rear tire blew out on I-70 yesterday. I was in the far-left lane and had to travel to the right side. Thankfully, that wasn't as bad as I was fearing. I was able to get over fairly quickly, but there really wasn't a lot of room to change my tire with oncoming traffic and it being on the driver’s side. I attempted calling my boyfriend who was still asleep and then searching online to purchase AAA, when Scott from State Farm Assist Patrol knocked on my window asking if I had a spare tire. I wasn't sure, but checked the trunk, and I had a donut. He set up cones to keep everyone safe and quickly was able to put my tire on. I was able to blow out a tire, have it changed, go buy a new tire and make it to work by 9 a.m.! I was only an hour late, and I am incredibly thankful!”

- Taylor, OH
Assisted by Scott, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on April 5

“Dave happened to show up in his truck right after I had to pull my car onto the shoulder of the expressway. Dave was extremely helpful. He explained my options, called a tow truck for me, waited until the tow truck arrived, and assisted me into the cab of the tow truck! It was wonderful to have him there with information and support so that I felt protected and reassured about my and my car's safety. This is a great service. Thank you, State Farm, for sponsoring this program and for Dave!”

- Deborah, NY
Assisted by Dave, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm on April 2

“Chris out of Hampton was doing duty at the NH speedway vaccination weekend. My 71-year-old brother's car broke down in lane 1 there. He found a way to get my brother to his vaccine while so much was going on at the operation there. I was on the way to help my brother, but we were held at the gate waiting for AAA and my brother to return. My husband is a diabetic, and Chris checked on us 5 times. Each time, he brought my husband a snack and he even got him a sandwich. He is truly an angel. His caring and dedication to his job helping 2 strangers is more than commendable, it is truly selfless. I want higher ups to know what a wonderful man and employee you have in Chris. I never had to use this service in my life. I didn't even know it existed until this horrible, rainy day fiasco at the racetrack took place. Thank you all for doing what you to helping people in need.”

- Judy, NH
Assisted by Chris, New Hampshire DOT Bureau of Turnpikes Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 28

“As I was driving on 417 North yesterday morning, I hit a jet ski seat that apparently had fallen off a pick-up trailer. It came into view so suddenly that I had no option but to go straight into it. I dragged it a couple of hundred feet and stopped at a merging area so I would not get hit. The object was totally stuck under the front of my car. A Road Ranger spotted us and came to our rescue. I had already called 911 and my roadside assistance. The Ranger's name is Shawn. He relieved the jet ski seat from under the car by using a jack and made sure that I was able to drive off safely. My car did suffer some damage, and I have made a claim with my insurance. Shawn absolutely made sure of every detail and for our safety. I was so blessed to have him help me. State Farm should very proud of this young man as well as the Road Rangers. He was courteous and a complete gentleman as well as the officer who was at the scene. Very grateful that we were not hurt and we were able to continue to our destination.”

- Elizabeth, FL
Assisted by Shawn, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on March 27

“On the exit from Highway 10, my right front tire struck a road hazard, gouging a hole in the side wall. Immediately, the tire was flat. I was able to pull onto the shoulder at the beginning of the overpass. About 5 minutes had passed and I was attempting to lower the spare from under the pick-up, when Marquis in the State Farm Emergency Assist Vehicle parked behind me. I explained the situation and he immediately began to help me with the spare. In fact, he took over and had the spare tire on in what seemed like no time at all. I was not even late into work. His presence really increased a feeling a safety along the roadside. And his help was greatly appreciated. Thank you, State Farm for backing this service, and Thank You, Marquis.”

- Kenneth, MD
Assisted by Marquis, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 22

“I got a flat tire on I-65 today on my way home from work. It was raining and cold. I tried my best to inflate my tire with Fix-A-Flat and my mini air pump, but I had no success. Approximately 10 minutes later, Luis from INDOT showed up. He was very professional and he replaced my flat in less than 5 minutes. He was a life saver today because I had no clue what to do after my initial attempts to repair my tire didn't work. This is a valuable and much needed service. I sincerely thank INDOT and Luis for rescuing me today from an awful situation.”

- Audrey, IN
Assisted by Luis, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on March 18

“I have a son with autism and as we were driving, he started to throw one of the worst fits in his entire 3 years of life. So, I pulled over and removed him from his car seat. He calmed down because he loves cars and watching them pass. After about 20 minutes, a roadside assist patrol stopped to check on us. He was extremely kind and gentle, and he spoke to my son in a way not many are able. My son is non-verbal and Andre was able to get eye contact and a brief wave. He made sure we were okay and safe. A few minutes later, we were happily on our way home. Thank you, Andre!”

- Nicole, MD
Assisted by Andre, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol sponsored by State Farm on March 18

“Not 20 miles into our road trip home to South Carolina, we blew our front driver’s side tire. We called a towing company and had waited 45 minutes on the side of busy I-75 North at dusk when our guardian angel, Michael showed up. He safely had the truck parked with lights and safety equipment turned on behind our truck. He was friendly, knowledgeable and followed all safety procedures as he quickly replaced our flat tire with our spare. My husband and I were so grateful for his assistance and this wonderful road service provided by State Farm. Needless to say, we were blown away that it was a free service. We have our auto insurance with State Farm and will continue to do so because of programs like this one and people like Michael.”

- Carol, FL
Assisted by Michael, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on March 17

“My tire popped going down highway 52 North. It was the cherry on top of an already terrible day. I pulled over and hung my head to cry. Before any tears fell, Juan pulled up behind me, got out of his truck and told me he would change my tire. Juan was so kind and made me stay in my car to make sure I was safe. He made me laugh and had my tire changed in under 5 minutes. Juan truly was my hero that day. He provided me with excellent service and made a terrible day a million times better.”

- Sydney, NC
Assisted by Juan, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on March 15