"After a very long frustrating day, my tire decided to explode out of nowhere on the highway. I had my service dog in the car and was uncomfortable leaving her in the car by herself while attempting to change the flat by myself. I called my family and they were over an hour away before they could come fix it. While trying to figure out what to do, a State Farm roadside assistance vehicle pulled over and set up cones to make it safer and offered to provide tools to make it easier. Then when we realized it was going to take a while before my family could come, he changed my flat for me and gave me helpful information. I am very thankful for his help and he made an incredibly awful day much better with his kindness."

- Chrysanthe, OH
Assisted by T

"Mickey was absolutely fantastic. She was very calm and courteous to my autistic son, and we just loved her. Very respectful and positive. It's comforting to know the PA Turnpike employs such positive people like Mickey. I hope none of you ever break down, but you have a helping hand in Mickey if you do."

- Chris, PA
Assisted by Mickey, Pennsylvania Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol on August 25

"I was on the way to drop my dog off before heading to work and I ran low on gas right before I made my exit. So, there I was stranded with no one to call, my dog was getting anxious and I was going to be late for work. Then out of nowhere comes Willy from State Farm Safety Patrol pulling up right behind me. I honestly thought he mistook me for someone with State Farm insurance who had made a call, but to my luck, he apparently saw me on the highway and turned around just to offer some assistance. I told him my situation and within minutes I had enough gas to get to a gas station, a friendly conversation, and a lookout for merging back onto I-95 from the curb. Honestly, the best experience I possibly could imagine with being stuck on the highway. I’m more than grateful to Willy and State Farm for having that service."

- Benjamin, NC
Assisted by Willy, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 24

"I would like to thank John! I was on my way to work when I ran out of gas near the Garden of the Gods exit. It was a very dangerous location. I was in the process of contacting roadside assistance for Dodge. John showed up before I could even complete the call to roadside! I just want to thank him. I was watching people swerve from hitting me while I was making a call to roadside. Thank you, State Farm, for providing this awesome service. I told John that I am a single mom of five kiddos! Barely making ends meet (reason I ran out of gas)! Thank you SO MUCH!"

- Theo, CO
Assisted by John, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 23

"While driving in I-295 South, I hit a pothole, got a flat tire and pulled over to the side of the highway. Not knowing that NJDOT Safety Patrol existed, I called a tow truck who would arrive in 30 minutes, and cost $80. After waiting 10 minutes, an NJDOT truck pulled up behind me! Sam, the NJDOT driver said that he would change the tire and that this is a service that NJ offers. I promptly called to cancel the tow truck and Sam began changing the tire. During this time, it started raining. Not only raining but pouring-- coming down in buckets. Sam asked that I sit inside the car while he changed the tire. It took all of about 8 minutes. He said the lug nuts on the tire were loose and then proceeded to check all my tires so that the lug nuts were safely secure. This was such a pleasant outcome to a bummer of an experience. Sam is a genuine person that put me at ease. I would suggest you give him a raise or at the very least a bonus. Thanks for providing this service to NJ drivers. And thanks for hiring quality employees like Sam. By the way, I am covered by State Farm Auto Insurance. I’m glad to be a customer that sponsors this great initiative."

- Marie, NJ
Assisted by Sam, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm Northern New Jersey on August 21

"My tire popped and I was stranded on the side of Ronald Reagan highway on my way to work. Shortly after I pulled over, Steven in his truck pulled up, put cones out and greeted me. He offered to change my tire and put the spare on for me. He was super patient when my tire gave him a hard time coming off. He was able to change it and got me safely on my way to work. He really was my savior today. Without his help, I would have been stranded in an unsafe part of the highway and would have had to call a tow truck, and fear for my safety while I waited. I was most grateful that he was able to save me from an unsafe situation. He was my angel of the morning. I really appreciate his help and the fact that this service exists from DOT and State Farm. I can’t thank Steven enough! He is excellent at his job, and he allows you to calm down in a bad situation."

- Brittany, OH
Assisted by Steven, ODOT State Farm Safety Patrol – Cincinnati on August 16

"While driving on 78W near exit to Union, I heard noise from the back passenger side, pulled over cautiously, quickly checked my car and noticed my flat tire. It’s my first time to have this problem along the busy major highway and felt so scared. I was on the phone with AAA and noticed from my back a yellow light flashing, NJDOT. The guy introduced himself and informed me of his duty to help. His name is Anthony #1726. Anthony performed his job quickly with caution and safety. He explained to me the problem and recommended immediate action on my tire for safe driving. I’m so grateful and thankful for this patrol that came to the rescue. I ended my call with AAA as the helpful patrol was already doing the work. To Anthony #1726, thank you so much. Kudos for your job well done and to the NJDOT roadside program."

- Maria, NJ
Assisted by Anthony, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm Northern New Jersey on August 14

"The patrol driver was amazing. I had dropped my lug nut in the drainage and he assisted me in retrieving it and changing my tire. As a result, I will be switching to State Farm."

- Marcelo, FL
Assisted by Luewico, Florida’s Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol - Turnpike Mainline/Sawgrass/Homestead on August 14

"It is summer time and I’m driving with my Grandpa who was just discharged from the hospital. My car started wobbling and I immediately know something was wrong, so I moved to the right side of the freeway (95). My tire blew out in 104-degree weather. It was my first time experiencing anything like this, and I know nothing about cars. I called my mom of course to ask her what to do. She told me to call AAA so I did and after three calls with much attitude from the reps, dropped calls, and much frustration I finally am able to get someone on the way....but 30...40...and 50 minutes pass and no AAA. Out of nowhere Raúl #523 came to the rescue. He was super friendly and assisted me so quickly. It took him 5 minutes and he really saved me from the heat and this stressful experience. I was more than happy to write this review because I'm just so grateful. My mom left work to assist me and my AAA assistance never showed up after spending an hour in 104-degree heat. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, RAUL. You saved me from this horrible experience and I'm so grateful and appreciative for this Nevada DOT State Farm service"

- Dominique, NV
Assisted by Raul, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on August 13

"I was the unlucky recipient of a flat tire that shredded as I looked to find a safe place to pull over. Of course, it was a morning when I needed to get to the office on time. As I was taking out my phone to call for a roadside assist, I heard this friendly voice ask if he could assist me. I learned his name was Herbert and it seems I was actually very lucky today because he was wonderful! First, he had me move as far from the road as possible for my safety. He pulled his truck behind my car at an angle to further protect us; then he said, "Don't worry, this is a free service and I will have you out of here quickly." True to his word, it was done and he even used his compressor to add more air to my donut. I felt bad it took longer than he envisioned because my 2007 SAAB has a special jack and it took a bit of coaxing to make it work smoothly. He would not take a tip and packed up his truck for the next lucky motorist. I am so grateful that he was patrolling on my commuting route!"

- Suzanne, NY
Assisted by Herbert, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm – Long Island on August 13

"I was on my way to the beach last Friday when I felt a bumping from my car. I pulled to the shoulder of I-40 East in Burlington. Traffic was pretty heavy and I was apprehensive about getting out of my car. I exited my passenger side and saw I had a flat tire. I called my husband and while talking to him, a truck pulled in behind me with flashing lights. A nice man named Anthony, P332, with Triad IMAP unit/NCDOT, approached my car and asked if he could help me! He told me to stay put in the air-conditioned car while he changed my tire with the spare. He reassured me that he would assist me and escort me to a nearby service station where they could give me options to get back on the road. He did exactly that and went out of his way to make me feel more at ease. He was kind and courteous and quick! Thank you, NCDOT for having a wonderful program like this and for employing amazing people like Anthony! Thank you, State Farm for sponsoring this awesome program. I was petrified sitting there helpless on the edge of the highway while cars and big trucks sped by. There's no doubt in my mind that this program saves lives!!! Thank you, Anthony, for being my guardian angel and keeping me calm in a very stressful situation. As I got back on the highway, a few miles further near the I-40, I-85 split, there was Anthony helping a stranded family!!!

- Amy, NC
Assisted by Anthony, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 9

"I am a single mom with 2 girls and I was driving my (not in the best shape) 2004 minivan on my way to drop my girls off at the babysitter so I could go to work, when all of a sudden my car slowly died on me. As my anxiety rose thinking this really couldn’t be happening right now, I waited on the side of I-287 towards the New Brunswick exit. Not even 10 minutes passed by when the tone of my day went from despair to salvation as a patrol driver named Jorge pulled up behind me. He asked me what I was experiencing with the car, popped the hood, and advised me that I needed gas (my gas tank meter doesn’t work) and swiftly added some gas to my car. He also advised me of an issue I had with my tire. Had Jorge not pulled up I would have been stuck on the side of a dangerous highway with my girls and missing a day of work. Thank you, Jorge and NJDOT, for your service and assistance!"

- Melenie, NJ
Assisted by Jorge, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm - Northern New Jersey on August 6

"My tire blew out 1 hour away from the Bronx. I can't tell you how nervous I was. I had just come from a doctor appointment and was driving back, when all of a sudden, the tire went out and broke the fender of my Mercedes Benz. Luckily two good Samaritans pulled up behind my husband and I. Where we broke down was directly in the traffic lane, and somehow out of nowhere comes a work truck driver who said, ‘Drive a half mile more and I can help you fix your spare.’ So we did. He was sent from God just when we needed him. His name was Adan,truck #36. I never heard of this service but your company is a God send. I am so grateful, and please tell Adan we can't say thank you enough."

- Shaneen, NY
Assisted by Adan, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. sponsored by State Farm – Albany on August 6

"M. from Harrison City #100 was SUCH A GREAT HELP! This was the first time I’ve ever broke down and it just had to happen in the middle of the turnpike and in a non-safe area. She showed up on the scene and posted with her lights to alert other drivers because it was dark and posted flares as well. She was not only helpful with keeping us safe but was able to get me a tow truck quicker. These things mentioned may just be her job, so I would also like to mention how she went above and beyond to mentally support me. I was very scared and clueless and she walked me through things and talked with me to calm me down and help me feel better! I hope that everyone who needs help is able to experience the same service this woman gave us! Thank you."

- Melinda, PA
Assisted by M., Pennsylvania Turnpike State Farm Safety Patrol – Pittsburgh on August 4

"Driver's side flat tire on exit ramp #33 from 285 W to 85 N/S is VERY scary! Our daughter had a flat on the way to work. My husband, Dave, and I took my car to her so she could go on to work thinking we could change the tire but those 18 wheelers come around the corner SO FAST!!! We called the State Farm HERO unit, and Anthony #554 got to us within the hour and had us back on the road very quickly. Pretty sure he has the scariest job there is! We could not have changed that tire ourselves under those circumstances!! Thank you, Anthony and thank you, State Farm!!"

- Ashley, GA
Assisted by Anthony, Georgia DOT HERO Patrol sponsored by State Farm - Atlanta on August 4

"I was traveling back home to Minnesota on Friday, August 2nd after assisting my brother with a move to Bowling Green, OH. Just into IL on I-80/94 I had a flat tire. I heard the hissing, then pop. In 6 lanes of heavy traffic I took the left shoulder which also forced me to run over a large piece of broken semi break that caught under my vehicle. Shaken and a "hot mess" I called 911 and was connected with the IL State police. They assured me help would be on the way. Within 10 minutes Kevin 84-22 was pulled up behind me. In a most calm demeanor, he assured me he would get the metal out from under the car and the flat taken care of. He did just that. Traveling alone in a super busy and unfamiliar area, Kevin was absolutely a lifesaver for me. Tire would not hold air, but the spare was put on. I was able to get to a dealership only a couple of miles away, purchase a new tire and get back on the road home. THANK YOU, Kevin, Hoosier Helpers, State Farm, and the state funding for a program that made a very scary situation for me so much easier to deal with. My experience will not soon be forgotten. Thank you!"

- Bethany, OH
Assisted by Kevin, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm - Northwest Indiana (near Gary) on August 2

"Thanks so much to David. We were headed from Maryland to Ohio, towing a borrowed trailer to move our daughter into an off-campus house for her last two years of college. We were on Route 70 headed west when my husband noticed a shimmy in the trailer. We pulled over and discovered the tire was coming apart. We were thankful we stopped before it blew. David was on the scene within minutes. He said he noticed us as he drove by so he turned around to check on us. We assured him we were doing ok as my husband was changing the tire. David said he was responding to another motorist in need but would stop back by if he saw us still on the roadside after clearing the other scene. We again reassured him we were fine and he was good to move on to the next call. When my husband swapped the tire out for the spare, we quickly realized it was flat. Our only option at this point was to call for a tow or to hope that David would follow through and stop back by. Sure enough, about 20 minutes after he left, I flagged him back down. He quickly provided the help we needed and directions to the closest town for purchase of a new spare. Thanks so much for this program, and David. He was quick on the scene, attentive and resourceful. He helped us to clear the roadside much more quickly and economically. Thanks very much!"

- Jane, MD
Assisted by David, SHA Emergency Patrol sponsored by State Farm – Frederick Area on August 2

"While driving on the interstate, our engine gave out, forcing us to pull off on the side of the road. Melvin (D3-15) saw us stranded on the opposite roadway with our flashers and came to help. He set up a perimeter to ensure our safety, offered water and assessed our engine. It was wonderful to have his help! He was gracious, kind and understanding of our situation. He helped calm a frustrating situation for 2 ladies and 3 ‘crying their eyeballs out’ kiddos. Thank you for sponsoring a great service!!!

- Missy, FL
Assisted by Melvin, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm – Pensacola/Panhandle on August 1

"I blew a tire in rush hour on the side of 95 and Frank immediately pulled over to help. He was extremely friendly, willing to help and stayed calm even when I couldn't find the tools for my car during all of the busy rush hour traffic. He saved me a ton of stress and got me back on the road quickly. Frank was very professional and represented State Farm / CTDOT extremely well, and wouldn't take a tip even when offered. Frank deserves to be the new State Farm spokesperson (or at least a raise)! :)"

- Megan, CT
Assisted by Frank, CTDOT State Farm Safety Patrol on October 4, 2018