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Roadside Stories

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Angela, who helped me through one of the scariest moments of my life today. My three-year-old daughter, who was strapped in her car seat behind the passenger seat, had somehow wrapped the middle seatbelt around her neck. I immediately pulled over and realized the seatbelt was in a locked position and couldn't be loosened. Angela was by my side within a minute, holding the seatbelt so my daughter's airway was free while I tried different approaches to try to get her loose. She kept extremely calm and asked if I would like her to cut the seat belt. She instructed me on how to hold the seat belt away from my daughter's neck while she retrieved a tool from her truck and cut my daughter free. My daughter is fine, no marks even, but this is a nightmare scenario that could have turned out so differently if Angela wasn't there to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're our hero!"

- Kelly, CO
Assisted by Angela, Colorado State Farm Safety Patrol on September 4

"I was driving down I-40 in a Sprinter work van when my tire blew out near Randleman Rd. at an extremely busy section of highway. I would really like to thank Lawrence and Jeff for their help. They were a true blessing. I had only been pulled off the road for maybe a minute when Lawrence pulled up like the cavalry with his lights on and warning traffic of my vehicle on the side. He then advised me to pull up on the concrete curb of the on-ramp for safety. By this time Jeff also spotted my dilemma and was there to assist. These two guys were like having a NASCAR pit crew come to the rescue. These guys turned what started out as a truly stressful, somewhat scary and dangerous situation into what felt like a minor setback. I really can't thank them enough and state how courteous and professional they were. Not only were they the Assist Patrol this afternoon, they were like the Angel Patrol watching over me!"

- David, NC
Assisted by Lawrence and Jeff, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on September 4