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Roadside Stories

“We were leaving the Dayton Airport and had just gotten onto 75 S. Within a few minutes, our tire light came on, and then after another minute or so we started hearing a rumbling-type noise and pulled over. It was a flat tire. So, we called our roadside assistance. They opened the claim and said they were going to call me to tell me they've dispatched someone and how long they'd be. Not 5 minutes later, a work truck pulls up behind us and it’s ODOT/State Farm. The man, Adam, asked if we wanted him to change it, and we said yes. About 5 minutes later, right before he finished, our insurance called me and said it would be within the hour when someone would be there. We canceled the roadside assistance since the job was just about done. As of this review, it has been 50 minutes since I received that call, so if it weren't for Adam and this program, we may still be waiting on the side of the road waiting on assistance! He was great, and this program is amazing!!”

- Mike and Ashley, OH
Assisted by Adam, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 12

“I was on my way to work on I-65 North during rush hour this morning, when I struck a small, metal object in the road that caused my tire to blow out. I pulled to the side of the road along with another vehicle who had already struck the object. A state trooper came along and checked on us. He asked if I needed assistance and if he could call Hoosier Helpers, and I said ‘yes.’ Hoosier Helpers were there in a very short amount of time. Stephen helped me move my vehicle and changed my tire. He made sure that I was safe. I am truly grateful for the help of the state trooper and Stephen.”

- Laura, IN
Assisted by Stephen, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on August 11