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Special Thanks

I had a flat tire Sunday July 4th 50 miles out of Jacksonville Fla coming back from brother Martin’s birthday party in...

Posted by Hal HIll on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Roadside Stories

"This man, Darren, is doing God’s work like an angel. He just showed up out of nowhere. I had a flat tire and he came to block the road as much as possible to make it safe. He said he would put on the spare tire for free, but when I saw it didn't have air, he called for another angel to put air in the tire for me. I didn't catch his name but I wish I did to put his name on this, also. Big thanks to State Farm. I can never thank them enough ever.”

- Darien, OH
                        Assisted by Darren, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on July 12

"We were stranded on the left lane of the freeway of Las Vegas rush hour traffic in 114-degree heat! We were trying to let our car cool down and praying we wouldn't get hit when James appeared out of nowhere. He assessed our situation and called Tim, who towed us off the freeway and near an In-and-Out so that we could eat and cool down while our hybrid battery cooled down from having overheated! These two men were amazing, efficient, and courteous! We are so thankful for this freeway service sponsored by State Farm. You guys rock! #SafeState”

- Scott, NV
                        Assisted by James & Tim, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 8