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Roadside Stories

“My wife and I were visiting Orlando and when on our way back home, one of our tires blew out. We were on I-4 westbound and there was so much traffic. We were able to safely move over. My wife called a tow truck company and they stated it would take over two hours for service. Now if you ever experienced a flat tire on a highway, you know it's very unsafe, especially when cars pass by. The lord sent an angel named Filiberto and he was able to place a donut on our car so we could drive to the nearest auto shop for repairs. He was professional, polite and honestly heaven sent. I thank him as well as State Farm for employing individuals who are passionate about their job and for the safety of others! #AssistPatrol #guardianangels”

- Jonathan, FL
Assisted by Filiberto, Florida DOT Road Rangers sponsored by State Farm on January 11

“I had a flat tire, and I was on the side of the highway during morning rush-hour traffic. I was only there for about 5 minutes, working on calling my insurance for roadside assistance, when the CDOT truck pulled up behind me. A nice man named John came up and explained that he was with CDOT and that he just wanted to stop to make sure I was doing alright. I explained I was calling my insurance for roadside to help with my flat tire and he explained that if it was okay with me, he would change my tire so I didn't have to wait for the insurance to help and that I could wait in the car and stay warm! He got his gloves and started right away and had me back on the road. It was under 30 minutes that I pulled over, he offered help, and had me back on the road. What was really amazing, and he did not know, is that I am pregnant, so getting out and changing the tire was not safe for me and waiting 2+ hours on the side of the highway for my insurance to come help was not safe either. He was so friendly, helpful and quick! John, you are a superhero!”

- Tara, CO
Assisted by John, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on January 9