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Roadside Stories

"Hello! So today is Mother's Day and on the way to a steakhouse in NJ, we got a flat. My dad can change a tire, but he was having trouble because the wheel lock was stripped. We did call triple A, but it was over an hour wait. After my dad was attempting to un-strip the wheel lock, Pat showed up behind us and aided my dad in the process. He was so caring, kind and attentive. The weather was terrible, consisting of cold temperatures, rain and high winds, but that didn't stop Pat from helping us! Not to mention, he saved our Mother's Day plans from being ruined. We will never forget how much he helped us in a time of need."

- Katie, NJ
Assisted by Pat, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on May 12

"I am very grateful for the work of the two gentlemen with INDOT who spotted my disabled vehicle off of I-465 near Allisonville Road. They pulled over to greet me, and then very quickly, within less than 5 minutes, changed out my flat rear tire and replaced it with the spare we keep in the trunk. I was able to drive the vehicle from there to the local Costco for further inspection and replacement of the damaged tire. I have watched the workers in the Assist Patrol Program help many people in the past, and though I never hoped that the day would come when I might need assistance on the busy Indianapolis Interstates, I sure am glad and grateful that these gentlemen located and assisted me in such an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!"

- Lance, IN
Assisted by Tim, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm- Central Indiana/Indianapolis Metro area on October 24