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Roadside Stories

“The panel underneath my car came loose while I was driving on I-69. I just had it repaired before I started my journey to visit my aunt in Terre Haute. As I was driving south on I-69, I felt and heard the panel fall again, and it started scraping the ground. I was in the third passing lane when it happened. I pulled the car over to the left-side shoulder of the road. God sent me an angel right away: an INDOT State Farm Emergency Response vehicle was right behind me minutes after stopping. The angel God sent me was Aaron. He was very kind and helpful! He came to my rescue! He was able to remove the panel piece from my car. I was able to drive my car. Yay! He was there quickly and was able to fix my car so I could drive! By doing all that for me, I was not stranded on the interstate on a very hot day! And, more importantly, he allowed me to make it to Terre Haute on time, so I could visit my aunt who just turned 98 years old. She lives in a nursing home facility that has strict rules on time limitations on visitation. I was able to get there in enough time to join my cousins in her celebration! My aunt is very dear and near to my heart, so being able to be there for her celebration was priceless! May God Bless Aaron for his good deed!”

- Linda, IN
Assisted by Aaron, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by State Farm on July 9

“Mike stopped immediately on Rt. 80 after my car hit a chunk of metal. My gas tank was shooting gas out, not leaking! I frantically helped my elderly mother out of the car and was hovering over her as we were on the left shoulder, right next to the fast lane with cars driving 70-80 mph. Mike came running over to assist and helped me keep my mother safe by redirecting traffic and helping me carry her. He is a compassionate gentleman! He was joined shortly by Joe who was also helpful and compassionate. I owe them both for coming to my and my mother's aid so quickly. Mom walks with a walker and I wouldn't have been able to manage without Mike, then Joe and a Gentleman police officer. Thank you so much Mike and Joe!! You guys were guardian angles today!!! We appreciate all of your kindness and assistance. They even helped get her into the tow truck. Great Guys, both of them!!!”

- Paul, NJ
Assisted by Mike and Joe, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol sponsored by State Farm on July 9