"I was on my way into downtown Cincinnati during rush hour around 6:15 a.m. I drove through a construction area and I hit a large pothole and knew something was wrong right away. I pulled over and saw my tire was ripped. Within 5 minutes a truck pulled up behind me, which turned out to be a State Farm Safety Patrol truck. Tad came up to my car and offered to help. He was professional and kind. He told me to stay in my car; he would take care of it. He took off the bad tire, located my spare and even filled it with more air and had me on my way. Thank you, Tad! You turned a bad situation into a kind and caring one. Thank you."

- Terri, OH Assisted by Tad, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Cincinnati on March 18

"I had a flat tire while I was driving on the highway to work this morning. I did not know who to call for help. About few minutes later, I saw a State Farm Safety Patrol vehicle pull up behind me. I told him about the flat tire and he offered to assist me to change it to my spare tire. He told me to wait inside my car and put on my seatbelt while he was changing it. It took him less than 15 minutes to have it changed and I was able to make it to work afterwards. It was a very fast and good experience. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family!"

- Tong, NC Assisted by the North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on March 15

"I was on the side of the freeway at 5 in the morning, out of gas and calling family to wake up and bring me gas. Embarrassingly enough, my mother was the lucky one to answer, but before she could even get out the door, Troy pulled up behind me and offered to help. It was so amazing! The fact that they are driving around to help people in need and without putting monetary percussions behind the assistance is priceless. This is an amazing concept and I will be forever grateful. State Farm for the win!"

- Jennifer, NV Assisted by Troy, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm on March 11

"The patrol driver, Darrell, helped us by changing our tire while stuck on the side of the road. He saw us from the opposite way and still came around to help us! He was a life saver! We were in the process of contacting our roadside service because we didn’t have the proper tools and were given an estimated hours. He popped up behind us and was heaven sent from there. He even realized our alignment was off and cautioned us. He got my husband, 3 year old son, and I out of the cold and on our way. We are forever grateful! Took less than 5 minutes! Thank you again, Darrell!"

- Iman, CO Assisted by Darrell, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on March 8

"My daughter called and was stranded on the side of the road. She wasn't sure what was wrong, but said she was low on fuel and she could be out of gas. I drove home to pick up my gas can, stopped and got gas and drove to meet her on the side of the highway. Right before I got to her, she called and said the State Farm Patrol pulled up behind her. It was such a relief when I got there because I was very nervous about trying to put fuel in her car on the side of the highway during rush hour. Steven already had cones out and filled her tank for us. He also stopped traffic to allow my daughter room to safely get back on the highway. Steven was friendly, helpful and made us feel safe. I wasn't even aware that the Assist Patrol patrolled the highway and randomly stopped to help before today. I am grateful and feel much safer knowing there is someone out there looking out for my family. We have had State Farm Insurance for 27 years, and I am proud that State Farm is associated with this service! Thanks, Steven!"

- Susan, OH Assisted by Steven, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Cincinnati on March 8

"Last night, Tuesday, March, 5th, 2019 around 9:30 p.m., I was driving home late from work and my rear tire blew. I had to walk to the nearby 7-11 because my phone was dead. I contacted my husband and he picked me up and took me back to my minivan. Angel was already there. My husband is a disabled veteran and is in chronic pain with his leg, so it was a true blessing to us when Angel made sure the area was safe and then changed the tire for us. He was very polite, friendly, courteous, and professional. He changed it very fast and saved my husband a lot of pain. We want to think him very much. His parents named him right, for last night he was truly our Angel. You can be proud to have men like him on your team. Thank you again, Angel."

- Natalia, FL Assisted by Angel, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise State Farm Safety Patrol on March 5

"On my way to my college campus, my back right tire deflated. I pulled over to the shoulder on the right side of the road and began to gather the equipment to change the deflated tire. I was very overwhelmed and the icy conditions of the road made me feel very vulnerable, but I was reassured when Aldean stationed his vehicle behind mine and offered to help! He was courteous and efficient. He even taught a few things in case that ever happens again, and no one else is around to help. I’m very grateful to Aldean!"

- Henry, NY Assisted by Aldean, New York State HELP Sponsored by State Farm on March 1

"On February 25, 2019, I was driving from Virginia to South Carolina to attend a funeral. Unfortunately, I drove over something on the road that became embedded in my tire. Temporarily, it was acting as a plug so my passenger attempted to search her cell phone for the nearest Walmart, which we attempted to make it to, but were unsuccessful because the item dislodged from the tire and it immediately went flat. While attempting to locate a tow truck company, after sitting on the side road for 30 minutes or so with no one stopping to assist, this truck drove up behind us. It was Bryan with the State Farm Patrol. He was a Godsend! I couldn't even tell him where the spare was on the truck, but he located it underneath. Bryan retrieved the spare tire, checked the air pressure in the tire and changed my tire. He recommended that due to the age of the tire I should not attempt to drive the remainder of the way to South Carolina. He stated that by looking at the damaged tire, Walmart should be able to just plug the tire which is exactly what they did. We offered him a tip and he stated he could not accept, so we both gave him a big hug instead. I am so grateful he was there for us. He was so kind and so very pleasant. Thank you so much, Bryan and thank you, State Farm Assist Patrol. I wasn't aware of this Program, but when I now hit the highways I will remember."

- Michelle, NC Assisted by Bryan, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 25