I was driving to work in my husband's car and ran out of gas. I pulled over onto the grass area off the road and realized how stupid I was not to check the gas gauge. I was extremely lucky that a few minutes later your H.E.L.P. truck was behind me. Conrad 4045 was so nice and helpful. He filled my car with some gas so I could get to the nearest gas station. The State Farm Assist Patrol Program saved me from so much aggravation and helped me get on with my day so much faster. Thank you so much, Conrad and State Farm. I never realized how helpful and important your Assist Patrol program was until I was on the receiving end. Once again, thank you.

- Linda, NY Assisted by Conrad, New York State DOT H.E.L.P. Sponsored by State Farm–Long Island on August 22

Sam (P219) was a life saver. I had a flat tire on I-40 during afternoon rush hour on the day of the Eclipse. I was afraid I would be stuck there for hours waiting for assistance. I was so happy to see the State Farm truck pull up behind me within a few minutes of stopping. Sam was very polite and professional. He took care in removing the items from my trunk to get to my spare and had me ready to run in no time flat! (No pun intended.) I wanted so badly to give him a tip for his assistance, but he refused. I have seen your trucks patrolling but never thought I would need them. Thank you for being there and for all you do.

- Naomi, NC Assisted by Sam, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Raleigh on August 21

I commute over an hour to work. This morning, after 10 minutes of walking into work, I get a call that I needed to get my daughter from camp due to illness. About 10 minutes later on the road to pick her up, I hear a pop coming from the back of my vehicle and my tire light came on; I was on 295 South. I pulled over and I wanted to wait until the traffic lightened up to get out to check my vehicle. I got back in my vehicle to search for my auto club card, which I was unable to locate. I was about to Google the auto club number when I looked into my rear-view mirror and there was a State Farm NJDOT roadside assistance truck. Gordon was amazing. He explained that I should call 911 in order to call for their assistance in the future. He was kind, professional and courteous. I know he was not permitted to accept gratuity so I just wanted to publicly express my appreciation for Gordon, NJDOT and their relationship with State Farm. My experience could not have gone any smoother. Thank you!

- Donna, NJ Assisted by Gordon, New Jersey DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Southern New Jersey on August 16

We were returning home from a day at Great Adventure and missed our exit. When I was getting off at the next exit I got a flat tire, and was able to pull over as it went flat. I was calling the Jeep assist number when I looked up, and there was the State Farm Assist guys Kim/7510 and Steve/7529. They were wonderful, super professional, fast and efficient! They changed the tire in less than 10 minutes! They refused a tip and couldn't have been more polite and professional! What a great program! The situation, at 7:45 in the evening, could have been a real pain, but because of these gentlemen it was hardly a blip! Thank you so much!!

- Emily, NJ Assisted by Kim and Steve, New Jersey DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Northern New Jersey on August 15

I had a simple repair to do on my Jeep, but it was rush hour traffic and I would have had my back to oncoming traffic. Luckily the patrol pulled up in about 15 minutes without a call being made on my part. He turned on his hazard lights, laid out cones and watched traffic to give me the best warnings possible. After I finished, he took the time to offer the safest routes and stopping points if the issue resurfaced. Completely unexpected, and totally appreciated. It allowed me to get home in time to see my daughter before bed, and that means the world to me.

- Justin, OH Assisted by Brennan, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol–Cincinnati on August 11

It was 6 p.m. on one of those 'top ten beautiful days' of the summer and I had decided to take out my Red 1995 Saab Convertible to have dinner at my daughter's house. The car is in beautiful shape but doesn't get used much. The top was down, it was a great day and life was good. I'm driving on Rte 78 and a driver next to me rolls down his window and says my tire is smoking. I pull over on the side of the highway and get out. The tire looks fine but when I opened the hood I witnessed my fan belt melt off the engine. I'm stranded, but it's too beautiful to panic. I looked over the side of the highway wall and I see a beautiful park with tall trees and a path running thought just like the serpentine belt that dissolved on my car. I had forgotten to charge my phone the night before and it had a little sign that said 1%. I called Dan, my daughter's boyfriend whom I hoped might be nearby. He picked up his phone and I told him I was stuck on the side of the road in my Red Saab. He said where are you and then he said, Oh, wait, I see you. He literally pulled across traffic and pulled in front of me. About 1 minute had passed since I had pulled over. As I walked over to his truck, my daughter called me and I jumped in Dan's truck to hear better. At that instant, Dan said Oh look, the tow truck just pulled up behind your car. I said I didn't call a tow truck. At that same moment my cell phone died. I jumped out of Dan's truck and met Dave the tow truck driver. He explained that he was a free service provided by PennDOT and State Farm Insurance and that he could tow my car wherever it needed to go. It was now about 2 minutes after I had pulled over. Now Saabs are no longer sold in the United States (since 2008 when General Motors closed them down), but I knew that the only Saab service center in the area was about a mile just back one exit. Dave has this amazing tow truck that is all pneumatic and he pulled in front of my car, lowered some tow bar which glided under my car's engine and gently tapped the two front tires. He then strapped on the tires to the tow bar and I jumped in his truck. Within 5 minutes, we had driven up the highway one exit, turned around to the other direction pulled off the next exit and pulled into a Volvo/Saab dealer. The service center was closed but the Sales Lady from the dealership welcomed us and told Dave to leave the car wherever it was convenient for him. She then offered us water, soda and cookies. Dave backed my car right into an empty parking space like he'd done it a thousand times, unstrapped the tires and wished us a pleasant day. We handed the keys to the lovely lady at the dealership and I was off in Dan's truck. We got to my daughter's house for dinner a couple of minutes late, but it was a beautiful day. It was a great day. Thanks to Dave, PennDOT, State Farm, the Sales Lady at Scott Volvo, Dan and my daughter's cooking.

- Trey, PA Assisted by Jay, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol– near Bethlehem on August 10

It was a crazy moment last Monday in Atlanta, GA. I'd usually get off the next exit but I felt compelled to exit one before. Just then, my car stalled in the middle of two lanes in the off-ramp. It would start, but cut off every time I put the car in drive or reverse. Just as I was calling a family member, the State Farm Assist Patrol just happened to pull up behind me. I thought the lights were an ambulance so I waved the driver to go around. The driver, Chris #556, got out of the truck and asked If I needed assistance. Yes, I could use some help, I replied. He carefully instructed me to allow him to push my vehicle off the ramp and from the major intersection, and onto a residential street. He even waited with me until my family member arrived. I asked Chris if someone call him; he stated that he just happened to be getting off the expressway and there I was. I told him that it was a blessing and he was a Godsend. I thank God for State Farm #AssistPatrol.

- Ehdra, GA Assisted by Chris, Georgia DOT HERO Sponsored by State Farm–Atlanta on August 7

There are not enough superlatives to describe Chris and his professionalism when helping me on Sunday. I realized I had a flat and pulled over. My friend was just ahead of me in her truck, and we realized it was bad to be on the side of Maine Turnpike, with dogs in our vehicles. Within a couple of minutes, Chris was galloping into our lives on the fast steed and wearing a white hat. He jumped into action and took care of the situation in a totally professional and knowledgeable manner. I had no money with me, so it was a godsend that he showed up when he did. I am impressed with State Farm's partnering and applaud you for your participation in these programs. Thank you for being there as a good neighbor; I just looked around, and State Farm was there.

- Mandy, ME Assisted by Chris, Maine Turnpike Authority State Farm Safety Patrol on August 6

He was like an angel! I even looked for wings on his CTDOT vest ;-D. My son and I were stuck on the very busy Baldwin Bridge in Old Lyme/Old Saybrook area. David was there within minutes - as I said, like an angel. He was so kind, respectful and cheerful to my son and me. He gave us gas and jump-started the battery, and made sure we were safe. I was so happy to meet him and so was my son. He is a wonderful person and CTDOT is very blessed to have him as a worker for the Safety Patrol. Thank you, David! ;-D

- Deanna, CT Assisted by David, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on August 3

We broke down near the Wellington Exit on the Turnpike, and were able to pull off in a lot where equipment was stored as they were working on the road. It wasn't but a few minutes later, and up drove Kevin #582 from the Assist Patrol! He assisted in finding us a place to take our SUV, which was a Firestone in Wichita. He got a tow truck to come but they would only take Roy and I in the truck, not our dog! She would have had to ride in the hot SUV. It was 90 degrees and 2 p.m., so Kevin offered to take me and Opal to Wichita (34 miles away) and assist us in getting a motel room! Kevin was our guardian angel and we want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! He was very nice and friendly. He definitely made a bad experience turn good!

- Roy & Liz, KS Assisted by Kevin, Kansas Turnpike Authority State Farm Safety Assist–near Wichita on August 3