"I blew a tire and had to pull to the shoulder of 71/315 on the way back into town after a business trip. I called my wife, texted my boss, and then called AAA because I didn’t like the idea of working on the tire alone with rush hour traffic whizzing by. They quoted it would take about a half hour when I looked up to see a safety patrol truck in the rear view mirror. I explained the situation and he said, ‘I can help with that!’ I think he was an Ohio DOT employee and had been notified to respond by highway patrol. While he grabbed his tools, I canceled AAA and in just a few minutes we had the shredded tire off and the spare on. He stayed to watch my [vehicle] while I reloaded my work gear and signaled me when it was safe to pull out. He was very pleasant, very competent, and the response time was superb."

- Erin, OH Assisted by Terry, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Columbus on March 14

"My car stopped on the freeway and I pulled over right before it came to a complete stop. I immediately called my friends to come assist, but while I was on the phone for about 5 - 7 minutes, a Nevada DOT vehicle pulled up behind me. Dan approached my vehicle and greeted me with a big smile and asked if I needed assistance. I’m a single woman and had no immediate resources to provide me assistance without being stuck on the side of the freeway, for possibly hours. I tried to start my car and he suggested that it may be out of gas. He said he would try putting gas in it and if that didn’t work, we would go to plan B. Thankfully, it worked! I was off to the gas station afterwards. He saved my night and delivered fast, flawless, and friendly service with a smile. He is an asset to the community and to your organization! Keep up the great work, Dan the man!"

- Trisha, NV Assisted by Dan, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Las Vegas on March 13

"My rear tire blew out and I had to stop in an entrance lane to highway 295, near exit 19. I called my husband at home to help me, but soon after, Mr. Stephen B. pulled behind me with his lights flashing. He not only helped me but shielded my car from rush hour high speed traffic. Stephen changed my tire and got me back on the road. I must say he was not only professional and courteous, but a Godsend yesterday evening. I can't thank him enough. I will mention this service to other drivers."

- Dolores, NJ Assisted by Stephen, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Southern New Jersey on March 8

"I couldn’t be more thankful for Mr. Barry…As I was heading to work this morning on Route 15 I had gotten a flat tire. I just recently moved to Frederick, and the closest family member was a half hour away, and my husband was already at work in Virginia. I had been in a highway accident two years ago, so being stranded on the side of the road wasn’t a good feeling. Next thing I know, an emergency vehicle pulled behind me. I felt such a relief. He asked if I had help on the way and if he could help me. He was so kind and friendly that when he was done, he brought me a brochure. I was getting ready to get my checkbook to pay when he tells me that the service is free. I couldn’t believe that there was no charge. He explained to me about SHA. I had always seen the vehicles but didn’t know it was a free service and what they did exactly. Thank you so much for what you do. Barry was a blessing to me this morning. He’s amazing."

- Angelina, MD Assisted by Barry, Maryland SHA Emergency Traffic Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Frederick Area on March 7

"My wife was coming from Miami with one of her girlfriends when they had a flat tire almost four miles from home. She had called AAA at about 6:00 pm and while they were waiting she had called me and told me about the flat. I immediately drove there and sent my wife and her girlfriend home. I waited for AAA till about 8:15 pm when a State Farm Road Ranger pulled in. The first thing he asked me was, ‘are you okay?’ When I explained to him what happened, his response was, ‘don’t worry I will take care of it.’ He even knew my car better than I did. Mr. Brian T. was [so] very friendly and comforting that I had felt like I knew him before, although this was the first time we ever met. If we have more assist patrols like Brian, our drivers will be even safer on the road."

- Napoleon, FL Assisted by Brian, Florida DOT Road Rangers Sponsored by State Farm on March 6

"I was driving with my wife, going South on I-95, when the front right tire blew out. I pulled off the highway, but the location wasn't great. Traffic was very high because there was a big event at the speedway this weekend. We were off the road just past a dip in the highway, so traffic wouldn't see us until after they cleared the top. My phone charge was low, but I called my auto club, and spent about 10 minutes giving her the info over and over again. It wasn't enough that I could describe exactly where I was (there was a sign indicating an exit was ¼ mile up ahead and I could even see that exit), but she wanted to use her computing mapping to locate me on her map. So, I had to lead her down I-95 from exit to exit to find my location. Then she wanted me to stay on hold while she contacted a road crew to come help, while my phone charge was getting lower and lower. Just at that point, a Freeway Service Patrol pulled up behind me. I thanked the road service, hung up, and got out and met with the driver whose name was Cherokee. After a quick explanation, she quickly got her jack and tools and got things rolling. Unfortunately, the nut holding my spare was a 5-sided, very large nut, which no lug wrench socket would fit. However, Cherokee produced a large crescent wrench and managed to get the tire released. I should mention that it was a very windy day and cars and trucks were whizzing past, giving a loud, dangerous feeling to the situation. Cherokee filled my spare tire with air, got it changed, and got me back on the road in minimal time. If she hadn't shown up, I would have still been waiting for the road service to show up. I told her whatever she wanted to charge me was fine, I was just happy that she arrived when she did. That's when she told me that the service was free. I was floored and had no idea that such a great service was even available, much less free! I tried to give her a big tip, but she absolutely refused. So, I tried to give her smaller amounts; I wanted to show my appreciation, but she wouldn't take a dime. So all I can do is express my heartfelt appreciation for her help in my time of need. She was very kind and helpful. Thank you all for providing this wonderful service. I have never had insurance with State Farm before, but I will definitely talk to the when my insurance is up for renewal!"

- Mike, NV Assisted by Cherokee, Nevada DOT Freeway Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Las Vegas on March 4

"I was not aware of this service until a DOT truck pulled up behind me as I was sitting on the side of the road. What a surprise! I hate to admit it, but I had run out of fuel. I was actually on my way to get gas when my car just stopped accelerating. I was able to pull over safely and stop the car. I have never misjudged my car’s gas indicator, ever. I could not believe I ran out of gas, so embarrassing! I called my boyfriend to come help me but within minutes a DOT truck pulled up and the wonderfully courteous and professional driver, Frank, provided me with a couple gallons of gas so I could be on my way to the gas station! It is an amazing and wonderful service. Thank you so much to all of you who make this service available to help people. It is truly a blessing. Thank you!"

- Andi, CT Assisted by Frank, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 28

"I was on the emergency shoulder of the 225 in Colorado, ¾ miles south of junction 10A Colfax Ave. I was in the fast lane when my car suddenly, without warning, the power turned off. My steering became heavy and my brakes became spongy and less responsive. Because there was heavy traffic, I was unable to get onto the right hand shoulder as this was rush hour and cars were speeding past me at 90 mph. I called the Aurora police non-emergency number and they said someone would come out to help me, as I felt very unsafe on the median between the North and South 225 highways. I left my car and stood in the median. It was getting colder and I was waiting for the police to arrive, but along came Lee. I was missing a flight at DIA and was quite upset. He was very reassuring and helped me with my car. The car had run out of gas but was showing a quarter of a tank left. He gave me some gas to get to the gas station. The gas tank was on the passenger side facing the traffic, and he was able to still get some in and was very careful. I didn’t get the chance to say thank you properly as I needed to try and make my flight. So I came here to give my feedback and say thank you. I hope this message reaches him and he understands that he made my difficult day much easier by helping me. Thank you, Lee."

- Tony, CO Assisted by Lee, Colorado DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 26

"It was a cold and sleeting evening just around dusk when I had gotten a flat tire. I was concerned for my safety because the tire was on the road-side of my car, and traffic was very heavy and conditions were slick with poor visibility. The driver came up behind me [and] in moments, clearly illuminated the area, and cars began slowing down and moving over to make way. He changed my tire in moments and was friendly and very helpful. He made a potentially dangerous and prolonged tire change into a safe and quick one. I am very grateful, thank you!"

- Joe, ME Assisted by Maine Turnpike Authority State Farm Safety Patrol on February 23

"My car overheated, and I was stuck on the side of I-26 with crazy traffic going by at 2:45 today. Bobby, my husband, was stuck in traffic and couldn’t get to me anytime soon. So, my car is completely overheated to the point it won’t even start. I’m about in tears and I let the seat back to close my eyes and calm down until Bobby could get to me. A few minutes later, I get a knock on my passenger side window. This guy with a huge smile asked if he can help me. Kevin H. popped the hood, [and] looked around until he found that a hose had popped off. Then he proceeded to get tools, take my coolant reservoir off, fix the hose, and then top off my anti-freeze. I was able to drive away from the side of a dangerous section of the Interstate. The entire time Kevin was helping me, he was smiling and chatting away. Kevin is such a genuinely good person! I was completely charmed by his friendly attitude. I’m just amazed that I broke down and somebody pulled over to help. I offered Kevin some money for helping me, but he wouldn’t take any from me. So I paid him with a hand shake instead. I realize Kevin gets paid to do his job, but you can’t pay someone to be a truly great person. You’re awesome Kevin, thank you!"

- Stacey, NC Assisted by Kevin, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol - Asheville on February 21

"Chad is one of the nicest people I have ever met. My wife and I were on 287 North when our battery died, and we were sitting there for two hours waiting for a tow truck that never showed. He stopped and asked if we were okay, and we explained what had happened. He gave us a jump start, but it didn’t work for the car would just shut off. We told him we were going to wait a little longer for the tow truck, so he left. About an hour and a half later, we’re still waiting in our cold car for a relative to pick us up so we can leave the car. Chad comes back to check on us again and bought us two coffees to keep us warm. Nobody is nice and generous like that in this world nowadays, and this guy went above and beyond. He truly is a great guy. Thank you again, Chad for everything and God bless you."

- Maria, NJ Assisted by Chad, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Northern New Jersey on February 17

"I was on 77 North, headed to work and passed a number of cars on the side of the road with their hazards on, but couldn’t tell what the problem was. Then I hit a bad pot hole and my tire went flat. Someone stopped and attempted to change it for me but couldn’t. Then I called my insurance company, but before they could get there a State Farm truck pulled up. I rolled down my window and explained that I didn’t have State Farm, but he said they would change my tire anyway. After he was done, I asked if they would send the bill to my house since he hadn’t asked for any payment information. He said that there was no charge. Thanks, State Farm!"

- Heather, OH Assisted by Jake, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol - Akron on February 16