"I hit a large pothole on the entrance ramp to the Dunn Memorial Bridge, which goes over the Hudson River from Rensselaer to Albany, NY. I heard a large noise and initially thought it was a truck with a loud exhaust, but soon realized it was my Honda Civic with a flat tire, riding on the rim. I knew I had to pull over on the next off ramp, but it was the morning rush hour and I was afraid to try and make it off of 787 South knowing how fast traffic was traveling and I could only go about 5 mph. I pulled as close to the guard rail as possible, but it was a very narrow off ramp on an elevated portion of the Dunn Memorial Bridge. Cars and trucks were whizzing by me very close and I was afraid another vehicle would not see me and would rear-end me. As soon as I called State Farm, I looked in my rearview mirror only to see a State Farm H.E.L.P patrol truck pulled up behind me. Sean came to see if I was okay and then proceeded to ensure me he would keep me safe and to hold tight. He set up cones around his truck and used his patrol truck as a shield for my car. He reassured me and kept me calm as I sat there awaiting the NYS police and tow truck. He was instrumental in keeping me calm and safe for almost 45 minutes and I appreciate that so much."

- Anne Marie, NY Assisted by Sean, New York State DOT HELP Sponsored by State Farm - Albany on February 12

"I broke down with a flat tire on the busy I-4. The Road Ranger, Noel, showed up and was awesome. He helped in every way imaginable! He was extremely courteous and helpful! Noel set up safety cones, retrieved the spare tire from my vehicle, put air in the tire, and changed the tires. After inspecting the spare, he advised me not to drive too far because of the shape it was in. He even followed behind me to make sure I was okay. I definitely want to thank him for his assistance!"

- Kevin, FL Assisted by Noel, Florida DOT Road Rangers Sponsored by State Farm - Orlando/Daytona area on February 10

"There was a snowstorm this morning and all the roads, including highways, were in terrible condition. I hit a patch of ice, lost control of my car, and had hit the concrete barrier to my left in order to avoid being hit by another driver. Doing this caused me to spin out into the middle of the road and face oncoming traffic. Thankfully, I managed to veer off to the exit lanes and get to the shoulder where there was a snow pileup to slow me down. I called 911 and was assured a squad car would be sent to my location soon. While I was driving, Devon saw me on the side of the road with my emergency flashers on and pulled over behind me to see if I was okay. I wasn’t injured, but I was panicking, so he helped calm me down and stayed with me while I continued to wait. He then came back to my car to let me know that the police would not be able to make it for a while and offered to help get me back on the road since my car was still drivable. With his help, I managed to get back on my route and safely make it to work. Devon was so amazing and I appreciate his help very much. Personally, I am covered by USAA, but my husband is covered by State Farm and when I told him what happened this morning he commented that all the State Farm staff members he’s had interactions with are wonderful, helpful, and professional just like Devon. This is why he appreciates his plan so much and has never considered switching."

- Mary, PA Assisted by Devon, Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Harrisburg on February 7

"My granddaughter is a 2 year old quadriplegic. She is medically fragile, vent dependent, and tub fed. We were on one of our hundreds of trips back home from Duke hospital to Winston Salem when I noticed Sadie wasn’t breathing. In a panic, my daughter quickly maneuvered over five lanes of traffic and off the exit ramp. I was in a panic and froze up. I noticed the State Farm truck pull up behind us and Anthony jumped out to help. We were scrambling for oxygen and to apply CPR. I was in a panic and had to step away. When I did, Anthony met me with a huge hug and prayed along with me. I was calm and able to return to help my daughter. I had shared with Anthony that due to PTSD, I am unable to help my daughter in emergent situations and I was worthless to her. He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘there’s no mother alive that’s worthless.’ He and I went to the baby to love her once she was stable. Anthony looked at me with tear filled eyes and gave me his card. He said that if I ever felt useless again, I need to look at the card and remind myself that Anthony said I was worth more than I would ever know. He stayed until we were able to get back on the road safely. I will never forget the love and compassion this complete stranger gave me in one of the scariest moments of my life".

- Tiffney, NC Assisted by Anthony, North Carolina DOT Safety Patrol Sponsored by State Farm - Greensboro/Winston Salem on February 2

"I was stuck on the road at 4:50 am on my way to work. I was a nervous wreck, it was dark and I was scared. The trucks were shaking my car at times and it seemed as if the car was lifting a bit. I was so afraid someone was going to hit me. I was making calls and being that it was so early, no one was answering me. I couldn’t get a tow truck or my insurance on the line. I was panicking and I felt unsafe. I just didn’t know what to do. I called 511 and they told me to remain in the vehicle because help was on the way. Shortly after, HERO arrived. Sysk and Brantley were the best! Immediately, I felt safe. They explained to me that I had a flat tire and that they would take care of it. They changed the tire and put air in the spare. Answered all my questions and provided solutions. I explained to them that I still had to go to work. They told me how far they felt I could make it and how soon I needed to get off of the spare tire. They were helpful, courteous, and friendly. I feel forever grateful to these guys! They are out here risking their lives on the side of the highway to ensure my safety. I am forever grateful! Then when I got ready to leave my battery was dead. They fixed it immediately and I was on my way! It also happened to be my birthday! They really did save the day!"

- Tanyelle, GA Assisted by Sysk and Brantley, Georgia DOT HERO Sponsored by State Farm – Atlanta on February 1

"The driver Jay helped me on I-95 North due to a flat tire. I’m a single mother of two and was on my way to pick up my children after a long work day, only to sustain a flat tire on the highway. I was worried about my safety and who would pick up my children. (I had 30 minutes to pick them up.) Within 5 minutes of pulling over, Jay came to the rescue! I was actually providing my insurance company with my details when Jay came! I will forever be grateful for this program and for Jay! What started off as a nightmare turned into a blessing! I made it on time to pick up my children and I learned about this great program! Thank you!"

- Amma, CT Assisted by Jay, Connecticut DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on February 1

"I had just left the dealership after purchasing a used car and was traveling south on 465 when I heard a loud thump. I knew I had to get on the shoulder. I got out of the car and just as I thought, I had a flat tire. I called my husband, who was up ahead in his truck and had a ways to go before he could turn around. Even though it was broad daylight, I was getting nervous about being a woman stranded. That’s when Chris came to my assistance. He had that tire changed in no time. He was very courteous and friendly. He also gave me a brochure and explained the services Hoosier Helpers provides. Then, after making sure I didn’t need anything else, he was off to rescue another damsel in distress. Thank you Hoosier Helpers for your service. My coworkers, friends, and family will hear my story. Thank you!"

- Jody, IN Assisted by Chris, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm - Central Indiana on January 30

"Every driver’s nightmare, I looked down and my odometer said 0 miles to empty. I had no idea how long it had said that, and I’d been driving all day! I panicked and pulled over and started to think about who I could call for help. As I was sitting in the shoulder staring blankly at my phone, the yellow truck with flashing lights pulled up behind me. I had no idea what it was! As a loyal State Farm customer, I was excited to see that it was a State Farm vehicle, but still didn’t know what that meant or how they would be able to help me. The staff person approached my car and was so charming and friendly. I told him that I was about to run out of gas and he told me that he could help with that. He gave me a reassuring smile and came right back with a gas can. After putting the gas in my car, he came and explained the program to me. I am so grateful to Sate Farm for providing this service! Lee, the patrol driver, told me about the program and gave me this card to submit my testimonial. I can’t say enough how great Lee was. Seriously, he made me feel calm, safe, and taken care of. He was there to ‘help my life go right.’ Thank you for providing this service in North Carolina!"

- Monique, NC Assisted by Lee, North Carolina DOT Safety Patrol Sponsored by State Farm -

Greensboro/Winston Salem on January 29"My husband, son, and I got a flat tire in the middle of the freeway on our way to the Monster Game. What’s worse, my son (5) and his hockey team were leading the Monsters onto the ice and I had the entire team’s permission slips. A patrol driver stopped and took my son and I to the game so that he could still participate, while my husband waited for a tow truck. In the madness, I forgot my hockey bag in the patrol vehicle. This amazing person circled back sometime later and brought the bag back to the game, where by some miracle it was returned to us. My son had a wonderful night and we couldn’t have done it without this gentleman’s help! Thank you!!!!"

- Kristi, OH Assisted by Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol- Cleveland on January 25

"I was on the side of a very busy highway during evening rush hour. It was completely dark out, 34 degrees, raining and I had a flat tire from hitting a pothole. While waiting to get someone to come out and help me, the State Farm truck pulled up and offered me assistance. He put on the flashing truck lights and laid out safety cones, which made me feel a million times safer, and changed my tire for me. He was very kind and offered me safety advice for getting home. This service is a wonderful help to community members like me. I am eternally grateful! Thank you George!"

- Mary Beth, OH Assisted by George, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol – Cleveland on January 23

"The patrol driver was Jacob. The weather was a brutal 9 degrees with cars and semi-trucks whizzing by my Jeep. We had been trying to change a blown-out tire. For some reason, the jack would not lift the axle high enough to allow us to put on the spare tire. We were able to call my step-son and he tried to assist. When I looked up, as we were still in trouble, I saw a truck pull up behind us with flashing lights. I have no idea who called them, but I want to personally thank you as well. A big red and white sign read State Farm Road Assistance with flashing lights. My wife, mother-in-law, and I could not believe it. A young man emerged from the truck, ‘I’m here to help!’ He introduced himself as Jacob, went straight to work after completely assessing our situation. Jacob acted in a truly professional manner with quickness and accuracy. He assisted in putting away tools, the obliterated tire, and checked twice asking: ‘Everyone all right?’ I tried to tip him or buy his lunch but he refused. If you are on the I-275 loop in the tri-state area and need assistance, we hope you are lucky enough to have Jacob as your personal safety assistant. I truly hope that State Farm realizes the value of this young man. Oh yeah, would someone please buy him lunch for me? Thanks so much!!!"

- Peter, OH Assisted by Jacob, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol-Cincinnati on January 18

"I was stuck with a dead battery and my car was overheating in the freezing cold! Not only was I stuck, but I was more concerned because I had my three-month-old son in the car. Of course with a dead battery and a car overheating, I had no heat. There was nobody I knew close by, so when I saw him drive by and pull over I was so relieved. My grandfather was still about 30 minutes out until he could get to me with antifreeze. So he helped by letting me and my three-month-old sit in his warm truck so we didn’t freeze. He also charged my battery while we waited on my grandfather. He was very nice, and I appreciate everything! If it wasn’t for him pulling up when he did, I really don’t know what I would’ve done because there was no way I could have sat there with my three month old without freezing, and that was terrifying. So I am so thankful for everything!"

- Brittany, IN Assisted by Bill, Indiana DOT Hoosier Helpers Sponsored by State Farm - Central Indiana on January 16

"My tire exploded while driving on Route 33 to work Wednesday morning. I pulled to the shoulder to get out and change it while attempting to change my tire, a State Farm vehicle pulled up with their lights flashing to help. I was so relived! The operator, Jon, went above and beyond to help me. My spare tire was on within minutes! I appreciate Jon and his service! I will be looking in to becoming a member with this company!"

- Dashawn, NY Assisted by Jon, New York State DOT H.E.L.P Sponsored by State Farm - Buffalo on January 10