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Emergency Road Service

Ask your State Farm agent about adding Emergency Road Service to your policy.

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Special Thanks

This free service from ODOT and State Farm, made my time spent on the side of the road very minimal. If you are ever stranded on a main Interstate, please Dial #677 when you need help! #AssistPatrol

Posted by Rusty Scarberry Jr. on Saturday, March 12, 2022

Roadside Stories

“I was traveling down 52. I was almost to the Rural Hall exit when my truck shut off in the lane. I couldn't get it to start. A few minutes later, a truck pulled up. I thought it was my wrecker that I called. The guy came up asking me what was wrong. I told him, and he asked if I had gas in it. I told him it was a little under a third. He asked if he could push me to the exit. So, he pushed me to the exit, got out and said, ‘I can try to put some gas in, just to make sure.’ So, he put some in it, cranked up shut right off. He told me to cut the switch on 2 times without cranking it then third try and start it she cranked up. He told me to cancel my wrecker. Then he followed me to the store up the road. Could not be more happy with the service. Thank you, Chris.”Bottom of Form

- Ugene, OH
                        Assisted by Chris, North Carolina DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on March 25

“Greg is one of the most genuine and helpful guys I've ever had the fortune to cross paths with. Not even 5 minutes into pulling my vehicle onto the shoulder in a smoking heap, he was on the scene offering any type of assistance he could with trying to diagnose the problem! Not only did he help identify multiple issues with my vehicle, but his reassuring attitude also went a long way into turning a rough situation into one that I could laugh at, at the end of the day. I don't think I could've asked for better support and hope he is rewarded for his stellar performance that I'm sure no doubt echoes the sentiments of many others he's been able to help! Hire more people like Greg!”Bottom of Form

- Grant, OH
                        Assisted by Greg, Ohio DOT State Farm Safety Patrol on March 25